Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Fantasia..

It's good to be back for a day
 of reading and writing; while there's a heat wave now in 
the Pacific North West, I find myself still in the throws of getting my home ready to sell. The work has been overwhelming. The real estate market is good for sellers now where I am, and there is a low inventory, so wish me luck as I go right back to work repairing and cleaning 
with the help and support of good friends.  It looks more like the end of July before I will be able to return, to sit down with my blog peers.
Happy 4th everyone!
My contribution to Mary's invite over at today, a reference to a Disney move:

Dancing mushrooms, 
musically inspired by flutes,
taught me about life's choreography;
secrets of flowers, fantastic stories -
 plus the soul of Tchaikovsky
uplifted me

Like fireworks chasing a storm
 scenes burst with unstoppable technicolor; 
underneath abstract shadows and light, 
  melodic notes crept 
into my subconscious at night,
putting me afloat

Birthed from a pen, 
 moods and tones of all seasons 
move across the screen in serious momentum -
of mice, hippos, autumn leaves  
  Virtuoso sounds and visuals
re - release my imagination

Despite woes, 
it's a good philosophy
 to conduct one's own symphony
Disney worked magic;  he wanted to fill
the theater with incense and add stereo
to the soundtrack of the movie, 
a sort of road show 

 I would orchestrate
the building of a castle by the sea
to fend off any sorcerer, 
I would fan incense and songs 
of a thousand Ave Maria's 
about as the movie's music seeps 
into my backbone,
uplifting me



  1. Despite woes,
    it's good philosophy
    to conduct one's own symphony;...true that...and not let the battles get you down...there is good wisdom in this..its good to see you as wishes on that house sale...

  2. Oh I loved Fantasia... the greatest Disney move ever made... I can really see the images and music in your words...

  3. I too like Fantasia, and I like the way you evoked it in this poem. Yes, 'like fireworks chasing a storm.' And indeed it is good to conduct one's own symphony. Fantasia is uplifting indeed. Thanks for taking place in my prompt despite all the stuff of life you have going on! Best of luck with that.....

  4. Best wishes with the house. Nice post.

  5. Good to hear you again.Fantasia was a masterpiece. You brought it back to life with your words.

  6. funny that you mention the's often just 2nd row in a film and yet it makes such a big difference...conducting the own symphony is a good thing and hope your house sale goes well katy

  7. Lovely piece so descriptive of the film and yes the music is so important. May your move go smoothly.

  8. I like the dancing mushrooms and the fireworks chasing a storm ~ There is symphony where we want to create one ~ Good luck in your house sale ~ Take care ~

  9. To me Fantasia stood above all other Disney accomplishments as an ultimate melding of music & animation!!
    Loved the dancing mushrooms & hippos !! Your last stanza was my favorite, wonderfully penned !! Also I wish you the best of luck selling your home !!


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