Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hidden objects...

ice cream
cotton candy
open book
in the picture puzzle -
the Highlight game
we as kids used to play, 

..later in life, the game changes -

Bewildered, lost?  
Wonder what in the future lies,
what doors will open, close?
Pondering answers to these
puzzling questions causes drums 
to beat in my heart;
whirlpools of blood curl as prose;
surely it's poetry that flows

Feel bewildered by turns of events? 

Isolation, when once 
there was partnership?
Feel lost, betrayed,
barely hanging onto threads 
for safety to fight another day?  
Inside unfamiliar territory?

Cozy to cling to one's socks, shoes

walk the street in sunglasses - 
Ironclad is the notion 
things get better with age,  
that wine 200 years old is tastier still; 
that sweet smoke of blanched alder 
enhances the steak

was following trails of crumbs, 
you see;
I don't like losing things -
I sometimes miss cigarettes
My mind was as fresh as the top of the morning - 
a thrill here, bit of gambling there; 
So does life fizzle like bubbles in the bathtub
til the end of time??

But it's the innocent babe 

in the folds of beginning
that has the secret to living -
We all have to learn it all over again,
as grapes ripen on the vine;
For all puzzles will have answers
one day at the end of the line

I've have made a reservation - 

Can't you see it in my eyes?
For when puzzles cease to capture me,
When highest light dawns golden in the deep,
I'll travel the road into the mystical 
midnight blue skies,
solve them when I sleep 

For today considering puzzles 


  1. first, we used to get Highlights...smiles...and i love those picture games....great opening and then you really take this...some honest lines in there too...the still missing cigarettes...ha, hard to get over that...the game does change, that is for sure...wicked flow and i hope in your sleep your answers great too on getting your house ready...

  2. This was really a unique poem, Katy. I definitely remember those Highlight puzzlers. They were really fun and simple compared to the kinds of puzzles we have today as adults. So many questions and answers to ponder. I like this question: "Does life fizzle like bubbles in the bathtub to the end of time?" And yes, that babe does have the answer to the puzzle of living. We just have to pay attention...and try to learn again what we ONCE knew.

  3. ...really liked the references to roseclip games where you search for objects to complete your puzzle... the completion of our puzzle is not a one sit job for some pieces needed are not yet avaible & still have to search for... eventually we get tired & it's normal... as long as you don't stop waking up every morn to gather the missing pieces... some may fit some just deceives .. yet we don't settle... for we know there are still many to fill in our puzzle... i hope you won't get tired easily in this game... smiles... glad to read you again Katy...

  4. Nice to think we can solve puzzles in our dreams. I think we do. Love how you developed this poem with the picture game, the progression of playing, the changing game, then aging. But the puzzles remain. i really enjoyed reading this.

  5. Oh - I don't know what happened to my comment there!

    The natural innocent inquisitiveness of childhood does fade as we age and take on responsibilities, and puzzles become problems.

    It is oft that we know what piece we require to complete our puzzle - but can't attain or obtain it.

    I agree that sleep is a great problem solver as we wake refreshed and see the world in a different light.

    Anna :o]

  6. ah there are def. things that get better with age and i sometimes miss cigarettes as well...used to smoke heavily as a teenager.. i like the bubble image as well and taking life as it comes, seeing the beauty in the different art in itself

  7. We loose some things growing older... (maybe the puzzle is getting closer to be completed) .. had never seen the highlight games but it looks great, and the puzzle of life is about discovery, and maybe with age we do it while we sleep.. Writing poetry is certainly part of the discovery...

  8. "whirlpools of blood curl as prose;
    but this is the way my poetry goes"
    so good!

  9. OMG, this: "whirlpools of blood curl as prose"!!! What a brilliant image! I am going to think about it for the rest of the day. Beautifully written!

  10. love the feel and honesty here. Enjoyed.

  11. I struggled to learn how to break fall . However, one night I dreamed myself making the movement, and when I woke up I could do it. So, yes, I certainly think we can puzzle things out in our sleep.

  12. I always loved the Highlights puzzles and even today, when I spot a magazine in the doctor's waiting room, I snag it and do the seek and find. Wonderful poem. Thanks for the smile.

  13. My kids and I enjoy doing those kinds of puzzles together. Really nice write, I too enjoyed the feel and the turn of your thoughts in this.


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