Wednesday, January 22, 2014

“What will your verse be?"

The discussion we are having at this week has to do with the new commercial for ipad using the following quote from the movie Dead Poets' Society  with Robin Williams.   “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering — these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love — these are what we stay alive for....
Brian is asking us "What will be your verse"?  And Grace is leading the way today at OPEN LINK NIGHT..

Hearts leap, beat, ache on their own
we can't control everything,
no time to take ALL the roads less traveled
Hence we compromise, accommodate, 
adjust, get our bearings
Some say their life is a book or symphony,
the world's a stage with applause;
Maybe you've followed your bliss or star,
or a sophisticated orderly plan
live for a good cause
My verse, or theme if you will, 
leans toward the underdog
It involves lists and re-writes
a little of that, a little of this -
and is served Al La Carte,

 Life boomerangs, when least expected,
collides with one's Achilles heel
familiar voices say "you are not alone"
in spite of it, live with zeal
Mystics say all possibilities exist;
 simply doing and being, 
 benefits the whole of consciousness,
further transmigration of the soul
Do we evolve toward perfection?
Limitations reign and bad things happen
My question is:
Is there nothing but God
through phenomena of the brain?

People say life is a journey, 
an adventure, some say a joke
but it is much more
 for  the Milky Way accelerates 
do not take this ride for granted 
 If we take it one step further 
we are grounded in a transcendent world,
Our verses will then have courage
for life's not easy to live
Overcome barriers with non violence,
A la Gandhi, Jesus, MLK 
mending divides without ID (ego)
means dualism disappears,
like fog beyond the sand
where unity is found,

Once I wanted to try everything,
be the best at one 
... like Albert Schweitzer
or the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi;
to dance like Shirley MacLaine in 
The Pajama Game
but  I have wonder in love, 
art and poetry,
I live a worthwhile life -
For I am alive, a part of things,
able for the most part to choose,
     As long as I can breathe salty air, 
smell pungent cardamom,
pick up a pen or brush, read or listen
 I am content because 
of the universal nature of things

 Most important is what is inside and
 the one thing I've wanted most in my life
 was to never, ever lose heart 
What I hope for is grace -
so I can live my verse
a la carte


  1. never losing heart, grave and verse a la carte... that is good... life is an exciting journey and think as we walk, there are different phases... right now i'm about to re-think things... weigh things... maybe ready to go new paths...i want my life to make fit into the bigger picture... not always easy to decide... thanks for taking us on your journey...

  2. ha - should read grace - not grave.... oy..

  3. Life boomerangs & we have to live with as much grace a& hope as possible ~ Thanks for sharing your words with us Katy ~

  4. ha...but the milky way accelerates...and we we def have to be conscious of the ride that is for sure....i tend toward the underdog as well...the unsung, ones that will never be heroes of mass appeal but succeed if only in the living of life....and please, never lose heart....

  5. Ha, the life of lists and boomerangs, and the time when we wanted to try everything, be the best at one... Very well described!

  6. This is a beautiful life exploration. I think as long as we don't lose heart our verse stays pure. Enjoyed reading this and especially like the last stanza.

  7. I like how to pursue a life like this.. really it's small things that matters in reality.. but even in if life is a symphony... I think I might be a chair in last row of the junior hornblower.... hmmm

  8. I like this thoughtful poem about life. So true that what is most important is what's inside. Sometimes it takes almost a lifetime to learn this! Smiles.

  9. this thoughtful poem is full of insight and wisdom...exquisite.

  10. Wonderful poem. You are wise to be thankful for the simple things. Enjoyed this immensely.

  11. Really like the boomerang part as you never know in life what will come flying back..A lot said in this poem a nice read for sure.

  12. An elaborate tale of life and verse - very insightful. I thought on the same lines myself for two days - before joining open link night.

  13. What I hope for is grace -
    so I can live my verse
    a la carte

    ...I like that idea...thought-provoking write.

  14. Stunning poem. If we can find God within and live life 'a la carte' then we cannot be far from a state of grace:)

  15. A nicely written piece. Well done.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  16. What great word plays, especially living life a la carte'. I agree that it's the little things in life that keep me going. Dreaming, Writing,Being myself. Very enjoyable read.

  17. Life throws us curve true. Great capture.


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