Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mutiny of the bounty?

We are having fun with the subject today of verbs, lots of them, 
or unusual ones at  - at 3:00 pm              

"Aye!" said the captain as his crew climbed the masts
while exploring the sea walls to make maps, 
navigating dangerous waters; 
Unaware was he they were dishonest thieves
that they would parley him into a corner
Their agenda was to mutiny,
besiege his boat afloat;
they pillaged and plundered as buccaneers do,
swashbuckling with swords whacking -
till he caved when they threatened to cut his throat
They marauded the captain's cabin,
captured and tortured his first mate, 
sabotaging his ship, raiding and ransacking;
drinking grog and brawling from quarters below 
all the way up to the crows nest
They kidnapped the boatswain, 
ordering him to walk the plank,
No danger of beheading while roaming the high seas,
just "Aarg... shiver their timbers"..
and be done with 'thees' !
no need to 
swab the deck with their blood.
They confiscated what they could 
before it  capsized, 
Crushing barrels of cargo, vandalizing 
until the mighty galleon heaved, 
gunning itself down to drown in the deep
Their plan encompassed robbing the maps
with "X " marks the spot inscribed in black ink.
They pirated the treasure chests of dabloons, 
lowered their bounty, abandoned ship,
but not before boasting "Blow me man down!"
Overboard they went, lowering their skiffs;
they sailed the tide to shore with their fortunes - 
and parroting them as they ruthlessly cursed him
was the bird perched high above, 
squawking "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!"


  1. ha. pirates are cool...i love movies about them...ruthless indeed and you can never be too comfortable or yours might be the next mouth carved to talk with davy jones....smiles.

  2. you got me going this morning...i am working on a pirate poem now too...smiles...

  3. one of my favorite times in history... pirates and the sea have always been a draw for me... (I confess to riding the Pirates ride at Disney World many times an acting just like a kid)... :)

  4. that close with the talking poem.. pirates are so adventurously dangerous... i would guarantee for nothing if i met one...ha... and the verbs really bring this alive... and i'm learning so many new words as well...

  5. Really enjoyed this pirate tale, Katy! And you definitely used a diversity of verbs to move the story along.

  6. A pirate story is the perfect kind of tale where to use strong verbs, Katy!

  7. Great story Katy, love a good pirate yarn...well done.

  8. Pirates really are men of verbs... and no soft adjectives ... I really like that.

  9. How imaginative and creative K ~ This was a fun adventure to read ~ Enjoyed, smiles ~

  10. them and their adventures. This was a great read. Great use of verbs - perfect for pirates :-)

  11. Raiding and ransacking, pillaging and plundering and yo ho ho :) Loved your funny pirate poem. Excellent job with the verbs.

  12. Few can use a verb as well as a pirate. So much enjoyed reading this rollicking piece.

  13. Your have 'verbalised' well Katy..all I saw was Johnny Depp …but that's just me - great use of verbs, language and a neat little story.

  14. Sea-worthy, for sure, Katy. The verbs you chose gave me a bunch to add to my list. It's fun to see how the theme lends to a whole new world of verbs.

  15. Pirates are real verb jockeys...and now Johnny Depp has made them sexy ~ you have spun a very active tale.

  16. Swashbuckling story, k.. great choice for navigating the high seas of verbs..

  17. I agree, you grabbed and slashed vividly with verbs.

  18. A great story line for a pirate movie. I liked the pace and the pirate speak you incorporated wonderfully. Vivid, vivacious and enthralling.

  19. Lots of animated adventure here, activated by a great selection of verbs suitable for a swashbuckling good pirate tale.

  20. Such a nice and interesting read - and a cool subject chosen for this. Enjoyed it so much.

  21. interesting! you made me sail painting the scene - vividly! verb(ed) :)


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