Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cinnamon boats..

Today at dversepoets.com we are writing poems for the vibrant artwork of Sunita Khedekars.  See what others had to contribute.

Cinnamon boats with magical wings
wait to carry those who dare
over embossed lakes to the other side,
beyond the grove of buxom trees
that sway in autumn skies;
Cinnamon boats travel patterned peaks,
look down on glazed aqua seas,
They voyage through the atmosphere
on golden paths in meadows pea green
Light shines on diagonal fields of coral beans
highlights garden rows designed to symbolize
fertile ideas yet unborn, possibilities
embedded in rich soil, layers of
uncounted shades of orange,
the sun's flaming aura

As people in sugary white houses
watch the parade of boats drift by,
bleeding hearts arch forward
Paisley white-capped birds of winter
navigate, raise the sails
singing songs of happiness
Beyond the hills and vales,
behind sweeping curtains
of fall and winter, where
cobalt blue patches of spring emerge,
changing the skyline yet again
Amidst the advent of spring,
Solstice's quarter season
nudges cherry blossoms to bloom
Unmeasured rain and sunshine cue
familiar fragrances to disperse anew,
unassumingly, so then spring will
salute warm roses' summer dawning


  1. I enjoyed the touch of magic in your poem and the fact that you managed to add fragrance to the colors. I like the idea if cinnamon boats.

  2. very visual piece...it almost bears the sound of legend in its detached precision..i love it when the cherry blossoms are in bloom....the smell of a warm rose....we are still on the journey to get there here....smiles.

  3. Cinammon and sugar - you capture the almost child-like spirit of this picture with its rich hues. A delight to all the senses, your poem!

  4. A lovely atmospheric piece here, Katy. I can really picture the cinnamon boats as you 'drew' them with your words!

  5. A beautiful salute to the seasonal colors & smells of spring ~ I specially like this part:

    Cinnamon boats travel patterned peaks,
    look down on glazed aqua seas,

    And love the title too ~

    Thanks for linking K ~

  6. I love that the boats are cinnamon. This is totally delightful...it's filled with vivid color and unique description that only you can do, Katy. And you so could have done grand justice to a peacock poem!

  7. Beautifully pitched...a visual feast.Reminds me of Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

  8. A nearly perfect & literal response to viewing the artwork here, letting your imagination soar with every glance. In my mind the cinnamon boats were used to bring in the harvest, to collect the bounty, but then the wistful magical aspects of the piece allowed me to travel in the flow, more childlike, more dreamy; nice job.

  9. The whole idea of cinnamon boats just made me smile...and want to go have some cinnamon tea. This was a delightful read for me, as is Sunita's art work.

  10. Cinnamon boats - very interesting thought you have in here. That's one of my favorite spices :)

    Very detailed story telling form through the length of the poem.

  11. Very nice--this is so perfectly descriptive, if I didn't know better I'd think Sunita used your poem to inspire her painting! Excellent work.

  12. cinnamon!!! oh i love how you give them taste and scent with this... love cherry blossoms...we have a big field with cherry trees right behind our house...and i'm just in awe when they're blossoming.... i could dance all day then...smiles

  13. We are at the equinox--- so many senses you bring to life with your words.. I want to go barefoot ... I want spring to come.

  14. I like the warmth of cinnamon boats..and to see the cherry blossoms bloom I know spring has arrived..

  15. Lots of lovely colors, scents and flavors in this piece. Mmm!

  16. "singing songs of happiness"...I think this whole poem was a song of happiness. What could be better than cinnamon boats and sugary houses? :-)

  17. you made every part of the painting speak for it self :)

  18. Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments...I really appreciate each one ;)

  19. its beautiful.....a vivid painting of words....you created such a beautiful atmosphere.....thank you for stopping by...

  20. i love the way it transitions from one season to another, embossed water is a great image


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