Sunday, July 13, 2014

For the sake of little noses...thoughts

For all the little noses,
and the poses they make,
for all the rings 'round the rosy;
For crayons and paints galore,
books in the mind bank to store
shrieks of discovery and more -
I'm afraid for lack of education,
a firm foundation,
more starvation
How can we as a nation
allow the exploitation,
the humiliation
of children in harms way?
No amount of coinage can replace
the smile on a child's face -
When I think of the dangers
of the world today,
I find no solace when I try to sleep,
knowing how now, as I speak,
there is torture at the hands of strangers
And for all the delightful good in each day,
for everything beautiful in this world,
why must children anywhere,
face hardship in any case,
loss of rights or morals hurled,
have freedom from fear,
 - why can't we make it all go away?
I don't want to hear
it's under investigation;
show me instead our children's


  1. why dont we protect the children? the children fleeing the violence in south america is breaking my heart....when 9 year olds are killing 7 year olds for refusing to pay protection money...ugh...but even here in the states, having worked with kids for years ....we dont here either...and is heart breaking...

  2. excellent question. I wish there was a simple answer.

  3. Heartbreaking questions. Even more so knowing that there are few answers. Your eloquent words are deeply felt.


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