Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finney on time....

Jack Finney wrote books about
time travel;
the significance of which leads
us to speculate
My mind is open to the idea,
in any case
Clearly we use only a small
percentage of our brains

It's given there is a subconscious state
If it could change people's lives,
get to the heart of things,
if we could re-unite with ancient
friends and relatives via
chant, rubbing a penny,
or hypnosis -
would it give reason to the universe,
or false hope
that there is more,
other than the short lifetimes
we now seem to have in store?                                                                                            
Shudder to think we chase
the wrong rainbows;
Better to have lifetime after lifetime,
loving and sharing as humans,
I would think,
than spend eons evolving from nature -
from plants to bugs to toads,
mammals and fish//
Or to be squished
- and then nothing more

We ought cling to the betterment
of life on earth, while we have it,
as we know it to be true,
to the interconnected web we weave
complicated or surprisingly simple -
It's about time -

Finney's stories take us into the past,
romantically and historically speaking
His books suggest one could go back -
by only clicking heels
However you opine,
it's all about time
and how we use it,
never boring,
never enough



  1. Yeah, definitely, it always will be, has been about Time; like this poem very much, it rides Time bareback, bravely, with no halter or bit; like your line /shudder to think we chase the wrong rainbows/--leading some of to hope, to think that we have more than one lifetime to find the correct balance, tread the right roads, love the right people; diminishing the mistakes, the missteps with each incarnation.

  2. very well said. I'd much prefer not to know if I'm chasing the wrong rainbow as long as I am enjoying the chase. it's important to enjoy the moments, focus on what we have and not on what could have been...especially when what could have been includes getting squished like a bug.

  3. i would love to do a bit time travel you know... and if we could move freely through time, independent - that would be fascinating but probably scary a bit as well

  4. Lovely and true! To "chase
    the wrong rainbows": so well put and something we all do!

  5. I like that ending, never enough time ~ Time travel is a great idea but I wonder if we will use it more productively than if we realize that each now is always now, never to be repeated ~

  6. I would like to go back in time and be a fly on the wall...see how it actually was without it being a made up movie ;)

  7. Never enough for sure. Love your time travel journey in words here Kathy. :-)

  8. Indeed there never seems to be enough time but maybe it is better than feel we have too much. I agree about living in the moment and enjoying it as much as we can though.

  9. Time travel would indeed be interesting to accomplish. I have often wondered what time I would choose to go back to. I wouldn't go too far back, I don't think. Probably to the 1950's just for a bit! So true there is never enough time no matter when one lives.

  10. I agree--better to use the time we have loving and caring. Nicely done, Kathy.

  11. never boring and never enough - cannot disagree here. lovely work!

  12. i love the expression of chasing the wrong rainbows...and of course never boring and never enough time...may be all because of the chase !! the poem...

  13. Chasing the wrong rainbows.. fantastic line! And i agree with you.. there's never enough time as it is.. :-) Lovely poem!

  14. "would it give reason to the universe,
    or false hope
    that there is more,"

    For me, this is the heart of this poem and I think it is fascinating!


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