Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Swirl....Jackie O..

Above are the 12 word for the prompt called Sunday Swirl ....this is what automatically came to my mind.  Do visit the website to see what others did with the words.

She entered the lackluster interior
of Air Force One;
there was little room for the press
One photographer captured
the moment, nevertheless
an iconic image of one of
America's most tragic events
Shots rang out in Dallas that day
that eclipsed the world;
Millions watched as she stood in shock,
in her blood-stained suit (in black and white)
Words must have stuck in her throat
that for years she silently kept

The hospital had declared John dead
at 1:49pm when few knew the details
To put the pieces of the puzzle together,
The Warren Report was manufactured 
to support the theory that
there was no conspiracy afoot;
detectives were cheekily told to take a hike
Some interviews of witnesses
never became testimony
As John Jr. stood saluting
at his mother's side
while the horse led caisson paraded by
I often wonder what might have been
if his father had not died
Mourners filed to a resting place,
as only bagpipes
and muffled drums played
An eternal flame was lit at the grave,
a lamp to forever honor him
and remember how brave


  1. Well written tribute to a great man. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. nice piece, from a tragic moment, and a great loss... thank you for rekindling the sadness and loss - and honoring it. Randy

  3. For those that are old enough, most will have a memory of the event in whatever country they were in. I was living in the UK then and even for us the shock was immeasurable. Even the TV stations seemed unable to cope with the tragedy and stopped all normal transmissions.

  4. one of those eternal know that the govt knows exactly what happened was a sad day the king was taken from camelot....

  5. "What might have been" has fueled many stories and poems over the years, hasn't it?

    Whirling All Over

  6. I love the opening verse and perspective..made an event which is etched in public memory seem very human..and poignant...all those times and dates..which probably meant very little to the people who loved him as John

  7. Wonderful tribute to a wonderful man, Katy. Thank you.



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