Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home.....Aug. 2014 - for

To help us remember what a good man
he was, we quote his lines in his movies
"All of life is a coming home...
we all are restless hearts trying
to find our way home":  Patch Adams
This dog day of August we recall 
his smile, his courage, 
how he rocked the DMZ
We know our passions for poetry,
music, and art are not passing fancies
from Dead Poets' Society
Like summer winds with scent of sugar pines,
it is what we breathe in, 
and exhale with heartfelt sighs
"What is our verse to write?,"
asked John Keating,
prose, poetry, or songs of revolution 
and human dignity?
In our world, our fight 
is against indifference and ignorance,
Death is not the enemy
As we remember what sustains us
in our need -
our mantra, our beliefs or creed,
we remember Robin

His humor carried us all,
staved off many a mean season
of stark wars, hunger, loss and hate
He entertained joyfully,
causing laughter till sides ached
He left us abruptly this summer day,
for he had given his all;
the world was now too much for him,
he heard his drummer call
As the heat drenched flower heads wilt, 
in sorrow we mourn his passing
May he find peace from suffering
We could not channel 
his energy for him, 
or know his private pain
For his choice was his choice;
'too soon for us'..we say again
His head now rests in beds of red clover,
his furrowed brow no longer frowns
Forever wrapped in sheets 
of adoration and love, he left 
as low, soft thunder rolled
His despair was unrelenting
yet he's not the first, or the last,
we will be lamenting
But there is something else
in the universe, a harmony 
between all living things, the stars
Finding that balance escaped him,
hence he lost his stride
So, another restless heart 
has found it's way home;
we will remember Robin always 
in the heat - of  summertide



  1. Deeply moving poet in tribute to a man who had a poet's soul. Beautifully composed.

  2. a wonderful tribute kathy...i would like to write one as well but have not found the words...i feel i grew up to his movies...all the way from mork...and i am sorry for the pain he lived in withe the depression, in light of the joy he shared...and i hope he has found relief on the other side....

  3. This is an amazing tribute. I have been so saddened by his death...he was one of my favorite actors. Thank you for writing this.

  4. Excellent tribute

  5. a tribute on a day like this.. and what else than dead poets society.. I find it almost chilling to recall "Oh Captain, My captain"...

  6. Such a fine tribute Kathy! To think he made us laugh incessantly with tears of laughter but he was alone with tears of sadness. Pity!


  7. Oh, what a perfect offering for the prompt...brought a small lump to my throat while reading. So sad to think of a man that was so lively with such sparkling wit could feel so's heartbreaking. But am glad he has found his we must make ours.

  8. More than a poet's tribute for this Julliard-trained actor/comedian/force of nature; like a loving eulogy, something that is better than the 3 minute video tribute TCM will have up soon, more than CNN's sketchy 30 minute piece yesterday; from the heart; I salute you as I mourn his passing.

    1. Force of nature is true...thank you, Glenn.

  9. ugh... my heart is heavy... he brought so much joy to this world...

  10. A lovely tribute to Robin ~ My husband is watching his movies again and he can't help himself laughing again ~ How sad though is the ending ~

  11. Thank you for this. You express the grief and mourning those of us who loved his talent are feeling today. May he be at peace in his new home.

  12. i was so sad when i heard about his death... loved him esp. in dead poets society - what an excellent actor - it is sad when depression paints life so dark that there's no hope left... thanks for your sensitive and warm-hearted tribute to him kathy...


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