Friday, September 12, 2014

Lace is...

  We are writing metaphors and dragging them out today over at  Karen is the host.

Lace hangs her head sadly these days
thinks she has been profiled,
feels alone, betrayed
She thinks style has given way to trend,
she's destined to a dull life,
won't talk about it,
feels close to the end,
she cares too much what people think
She wants to do as her peers -
go somewhere different everyday
in all kinds of weather,
travel more, hang out with the sweaters

French, Swedish or Irish Lace
make beautiful souvenirs,
but Lace herself is a complicated beauty
She dazzles the eyes of many a man,
but lately is reluctant to appear,
would rather be a recluse
Lacking feelings of self worth
she is depressed with growing fear
of other fabrics take the limelight,
new designs and textures steal the day
This makes her feel boring,
tired and old-fashioned; people will look
the other way

Satin is a cool competitor, as is silk,
but Lace just doesn't care anymore
Other fabrics mix impressively -
jeans and linen changing their roles;
new designs like flannel shirts and bling
Lace would like to be more useful
when it comes to attire
Tired of hanging with ribbons,
she wants to be more versatile
She'd like to be cotton, ride in a rodeo;
she could be sewn into uniforms, sportswear
be attached to winter coats

All fabrics have their ups and downs,
ins and outs as to what is popular
She'd like to be on hats and pants,
not always in wedding gowns
But she needn't be envious
for she's much more than she knows
She's the shape of trees and shadows  -
black negligees that frame the stars at night
Lace is the bed of flowers on a spring morn
She graces women's heads as they grieve
She's a spiritual, intimate friend, birds in flight
the edge of a hanky that wipe away tears,
the object in someone's art
Perhaps if she reads this she will realize
she is blessed in all our eyes and hearts

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”   - Maya Angelou 


  1. To me there are two stories interweaven.. one about lace, the other more important is the grievance of aging.. I think lace would be great as a remedy against the worst part of aging which is invisibility.. fading ... which is all to common. I would love lace to come back as something fashionable for men to wear too.. :-) So lets always wear what's make us visible :-)

  2. What a wonderful exposition of lace. It is really interesting and thoughtful and thought-provoking. Really enjoyed. k.

  3. Beautiful double metaphors. Excellent writing form. I like your uplifting attitude with
    each outlook and your responses to each idea!

  4. I love the personification of the lace...which can also translate to the feelings and emotions of being a woman ~ I thought this was an excellent use of metaphor for a anyone struggling to find self acceptance and her place in the changing world ~

  5. It never ceases to amaze me out here on the dVerse trail, the astonishing things we poets come up with, uncovering muses in woodpiles, ghettos, & closets. Lovely, thoughtful write; an excellent take on the prompt; good close, upbeat & hopeful.

  6. you really kept the metaphor fresh and meaningful - nice

  7. Your poem is as intricate and well woven as its subject matter...lace!

  8. Wow. I must admit I'm one of those who thought of lace as outdated. Sorry. Now I see it a new light, can appreciate its intricacies and how much it has to offer. I love the last paragraph, so hopeful. And, of course, Maya Angelou's quote really rounds out the metaphor. Good job here.

  9. A powerful reminder that all are important... from the famous to the common.

  10. very cool how each of us is made from a specific material and how we often want to be something that we're not instead of enjoying who we are - ha - and i'm always up for going new ways - stitching the lace to sportswear or whatever - here's to discovering who we are in new ways


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