Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebey's tree - haiku..

Ebey's Tree - haiku

                                                           by klr

Eighteen sixty three
when the white man settled here
tribes fought for salmon

Indians attacked
 killed Captain Ebey one night
then smoked the peace pipe
There still stands the tree
where the lighthouse meets the fort
near Ebey's Landing

Thick trunks to crawl up
shady place where children play
 Tree branches reach wide

 It welcomes the ships
passing through the narrow straight
eagles come to nest

Dark mountains saddle
 evening's rose-pewter clouds
Fog rests on the sea



  1. oh you captured those rose-pewter clouds beautifully in your watercolor it much...and this tree i bet could tell thousands and thousands of stories of the rich history it has seen...

    1. oh thank you, claudia, so are right...not that long ago really, when one thinks of history in europe, but yes, full of colorful people and events, beautiful scenery... my posts not attached to a dverse prompt don't get much attention, so I especially appreciate your comment on this set of haiku ,,glad to see you back..

  2. Love the story and your painting dear Kathy ~ That must be some tree with so much history ~ Take care ~



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