Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bread and wine...

We climbed the last steps up the hill
carrying a picnic basket
to a clearing of soft green grass
I spread a blanket on the ground
where we lay back comfortably
In the basket, bread she had made
with her loving and winsome hands
She put out the Manchego cheese,
and candied fruit made from her own
spring flowering quince tree

The bread she had kneaded with care,
still warm from the oven's hot fire,
smelled of our home's kitchen and hearth
and tasted of the salty air
of the sea that welcomed us there
Bread that filled places in her heart
relaxed deep lines crossing her face
eased the toll long years had taken,
Almost like something magical -
helped avert the precipice' edge

We opened a bottle of wine
made from loganberries she picked
from wild bushes nearby; now she
writes in purple script in blank sky
her life story with ink from the
loganberry wine
On the horizon, parting clouds,
the color of home made whipped cream,
rise with the help of afternoon steam
Preparation and a giant
leap of faith are necessary
for there are chasms along the way

If the point is to only love,
and relationships are the bread
and butter of life, all that really matters,
she would let there be no voids where
hearts once played, no echoes fading
into the hands of father time
In spite of deep grief and sorrow,
and chimney sweeps have gone away,
She wishes for her family  -
forever mornings of birdsong,
rock candy afternoons, moonbeams
to lead an unfinished opus
for never ending evenings

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  1. i do think that relationships are the bread
    and butter of life... if we done well here the chasms along the way seem less frightening... i like how you paint her... the berries...the wine...the breaking of bread... and the never ending in the ending...

  2. So beautiful, especially the closing lines from "She's wishing"...........a wonderful read!

  3. What a great way to describe friendship through that picnic.. A glorious moment of sharing your life through the bread and wine. The details of the bread and wine makes this so rich and I read it several times to savor..

  4. What a lovely picture you have painted here Kathy! I loved these lines,
    "If the point is to only love,
    and relationships are the bread
    and butter of life, all that really matters,"

  5. ah, this write is dense, like great bread. Rich details and a lovely piece... smiles

    1. I agree with Anthony. The Manchego drew me in and the rest was pure joy.


  6. and relationships are the bread
    and butter of life, all that really matters,
    she would let there be no voids

    Bread and butter issues provide the impetus to act and move on. Otherwise one is divorced from realities! Wonderful lines Kathy!


  7. I specially love this part too:

    If the point is to only love,
    and relationships are the bread
    and butter of life, all that really matters,

    There are chasms along inour journey but with love and care and that smell of bread, it will carry us thru ~ Thanks for linking up Kathy ~

  8. Yes, as others have said, relationships are the bread and butter of life. This is a magical write, Kathy! Wouldn't it be wonderful if one could have those 'never ending evenings?"

  9. nice...I like the metaphor of the bread...and relationships...and letting there be no void...I also love cheese baked into bread...and the paring with loganberrys...smiles...I am a bit partial as my sons name is logan as well...ha....but well written ma'am

  10. you had me at Manchego, the prince of cheeses :)

  11. For some reason I got it in my head that the poem was about you & a relative--mother, aunt, sister; more than a friend. A lovely piece, clearly voiced, lovingly word-smithed; the similes sparkling; message received; thanks.

    1. It's about mother and daughter...my mother, or me with me or my daughter..

  12. The treats that you have woven into this are so interesting and luring. I also love the rhythm in this poem. Very sweet and meaningful.

  13. Oh how I wish I understood your last stanza -- but alas.
    After the beautiful setting in the stanzas prior, I am sad at my inability to read your point.
    I missed something.

    1. A wise mother wishes joy and bounty for her children...there is no magic (the chimney sweeps in the Disney movie Mary Poppins) to sweep the trials if the world under a rug...bread symbolizes the connection, feeding of their souls through their relationships....

  14. such depth to this setting... and i understand... in the mist of the season my growth children are at odds... yet the chimney sweeps are still seen in the lives of my grands... youth a blessed thing to hold tight to

    1. Ah, I'm glad you understand..for often is the case....I love chimney sweeps, especially Dick Van Dyke....

  15. Amazing poem with masterly use of words to paint fabulous pictures. Best wishes


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