Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter retreat...


The last Saturday of the month is Open Link Night  at and we are all writing what we are feeling, thinking, or celebrating this holiday season.  There will be a well deserved break until after the New Year, when the hosts who tend bar will open the doors in again in January 2015.

I've waited for snow laden firs
edged in hunter green,
to see the white owl blend into 
a bank of birch trees
Whose design was it - who opted 
for a palette white,
then threw in blues skies as backdrop,
with bright stars at night? 

I've waited for the wind to brush 
white powder from boughs
cedar, spin it into tempests
that whirl from fence posts
to a newly made white meadow
As I've seen icicles melting,
drip by drip, my heart 
miraculously keeps thumping; 
I breathe in and out

I've waited to hear loud cracks of
ice laden branches 
I have scattered mixed nuts and seeds, 
watched them disappear 
I've seen dried, shriveled
leaves skip across the crusty snow,
turning sharp cartwheels, 
darting in and out crevices
of the broken barn

I've heard a tree fall with a thump
loud in the dark night,
seen acres of shimmering snow
reflecting the sun
I've waited for the fabric of 
chickadee feathers 
that closely mimics a man's suit  -
with a cheery orange 
and chestnut accent on his wing 

I've waited for days of winter
the peace of solstice
warmed by a mulled hot cider mug
and a warm bonfire
Today as the earth is turning,
I'll look out to sea
And I'll be waiting for the spring - 
when my heart flies with butterflies
as they emerge from their retreat


  1. a warm bonfire and the peace of solstice... winter has its own spell...waiting for the first snow..sigh... but also looking forward to spring and the new life taht comes with it... love how you describe the chickadee feathers .... hope you're having a wonderful christmas time...

  2. Oh yes.. tomorrow we can start to wait for spring.. wonderful really. but still the winter can be beautiful.. the drops of the icicles and flurry of snow..

  3. i like the way you have combined the present and future...with winter and spring..beautiful..Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

  4. As much as I complain about it, Winter is one of the most inspirational times in my creative life. You just masterfully, demonstrated why. Strong image, emotion and language, Kathy. Thanks, and have a splendid holiday.

  5. NOTE...I am ill with a bad virus, & can barely type, so pardon me if I don’t
    comment on your poetics. All of us in the dVerse community enjoy a unique
    fellowship, & I cherish it with all my heart. Wishing you ALL a Merry Christmas
    & may 2015 bring all of us joy.

  6. Beautiful winter offering ~ I specially love that last stanza, peace of solstice while waiting for spring ~

    Have a Merry Christmas Kathy and wishing you Happy Holidays ~

  7. i am still waiting for that peace...for that white blanket...the temp is hovering just above what it would take for it to be a reality.....its raining and just cold....we are always waiting for something eh? i do appreciate the season making me slow down and appreciate things all the more...

  8. Ah.. every season with its beauty and every season with its challenge makes the light and dark of light a mix of deLIGHT of living life in LIGHT and dark...:)

  9. here, in the land of sand and no snow, I'm always agog at descriptions - especially detailed ones like yours - that show me that unknown world ~


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