Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Field and stream....another version..

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We are writing from some time in the future. looking back, in one way or another today @dversepoets.com 

Today, sun and rain douse the meadow,

spring's wildflowers come alive, 
sprouting with color
I remember when all faded
into a volcano's glutenous 
magma slide

My body jerks as I snap out of slumber,

awakened by the nightmare
of global warming
I try to focus on the present day,
but my mind and body are the 
worse for wear

It's true, it seems like just yesterday

when we lost hope, saw a future bleak
Those who wouldn't listen 
succumbed quickly when disasters
and diseases spread,
chaos and havoc wreaked

It was an inconvenient truth;

high seas churned to boiling
Nations fought and stole for thirst 
and hunger's sake,
though for many years before,
they had sufficient warning

El Nino, atomic spills, pollution 
and more had defined our way of life,
dominated our culture
A world in constant denial for decades,
and congresses at a standstill,
we suffered constant hell and strife

Until a brave generation said "NO!"
They knew first hand the threats of 
emanate doom
Born in the late 2040's,
they were prepared for 
 - revolution

Upon them befell impossible trials 
and tribulation;  millions revolted, 
They sought to save the parched earth
from its own demise
Young people paid a dear price
with their blood and sacrifice

New information led to 
new technologies,
The youth of the world
secured a grand "coup d' etat"
With new tools and non violent skills, 
THEY are the greatest generation

The  American and allied forces
secured and won WWII
But to previous generations' disgrace,
under auspices of a new idealism,
a mid 21st century prodigy
put giant Eco systems in place

They abolished ancient laws,
rooted out corruption and fiscal waste,
wrote new legislation
From our own west coast 
to the far eastern shores
reign solar, wind, magnetic energies

Therefore, in my old age, 
it's sometimes hard to believe,
unheard of to this day,
that a world of garnered spirits
could police itself to create
a peace, so that  someday -

Today,  I awaken 
from dreams of the past 
to welcome wildflowers, 
gently blowing in pristine air,
divided by a clear stream....
as I sit in this easy chair
not wearing rose colored glasses


  1. Such a brave young generation ~ I pray that someday that vision will bear fruit & bring peace to the chaos of our world ~ I am sitting in that chair beside you watching & welcoming the wildflowers ~ Thanks for participating K ~

  2. You have painted a brighter future than most of us. I like the idea of 'rooting out corruption and fiscal waste" I also think you ended your poem with such positive images.

  3. ah now that is a story i would love to see you expand, there is a novel in there...
    and it will take that many rising up and saying NO to truly turn the tide
    and when the disasters strike that might be the motivation needed,
    but we shall see....if it helps us overcome finally,
    maybe it is worth it....

  4. Yes, this would make a fantastic futurist novel, and creates a more hopeful blueprint for the future than any I have foreseen. A brilliant vision of a possible future.

  5. oh it would be wonderful if a generation like this raised - a generation who cared and is brave enough to not just talk about the necessary changes but to live them - no matter how tough it is in the first place

  6. An inconvenient truth indeed. But there is hope in the generation of 1940s - who have the sense and sensitivity to take a stand. Yes, there is always a glimmer of hope.

  7. I really like the hope though not the bitter path we have to walk to reach there.. Alas so many things are going the wrong way right now ...

  8. A nightmare which has been tamed and turned into a dreamscape... let's hope that 2040 generation is ready to rise!

  9. bring it, 2040 generation! a bit like today's youth - being a rebel is all the rage... this is a fantastic write... def could expand upon this. May the rise continue and live on well after 2040

  10. the idea should spread to make this wonderful dream to reality....

  11. so often 'dystopia' is something we use to describe a post-apocalyptic future, but you have created a dystopian present-day and a utopian future. I hope that you are right!

  12. those rose colored glasses can make one stubble... so glad there are still wildflowers

  13. I hope too that what is seen through the rose colored glasses will become reality. Love the 'wild flowers' and 'clear streams.'

  14. I like that your poem has such a positive slant. I think if we dwell on all the negative that could be, we may give up, and let them happen. I wish the young generation you write of existed now.

  15. i believe in hope and positive change.. and we humans are always stronger together when we work together for the greater good.. there is an element of divide and conquer.. that the 'gray hairs' do still live.. but there is truly a growing younger culture who connect with the rest of the world in knowing ways of heArt as well as greater avenues for creating hope continue to expand for change and truth...

  16. I like how you wrapped up the poem on a positive note. There is something beautiful about wildflowers, they are a sign of hope and light.

  17. Love the ending, and you know I love wild flowers and their vibrancy!


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