Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Road to awareness...


Twilight's vines reach deep inside me 
   the sea's mood spectrum leads me home                                      
Smooth wet sand reflects my being
   in past summers' patina glow                                                          
Sea spray bathes giant rocks till clean,
   birthing fresh sand in its foam's flow
Instilled when first learned starfish breathe 
  - echoing a chorus of ohms                    


Bees nurse their new honeycomb 
   as against a tree trunk I lean
I look out from under its dome
   Rain drips languidly from folded leaves
Willow branch fingers reach below
   into a perylene green stream
Into the perfect wave I go,
   for I can imagine heaven
now without being sad, I know



  1. Ah yes.. the Ocean is our Love
    and certainly pArt of our Mother..
    the connection of salt water
    runs through our veins in
    arteries pumping blood as
    well as rivers attributing Love
    in connection to others in
    well of watered love asONe..:)

  2. To be the sea-born and live in harmony of waves... what a wonderful lines. I love the thoughts of walking barefoot in the sand... twilight give such a special light... I get an impression of a Kröyer painting in my head... Like this one:


    1. His beach scenes are favorite of mine..and his work with portraits are superb! Thank you.

  3. To live near or beside the sea would be heaven ~ I specially like the chorus of ohms ~

  4. I felt the soothing in these words.... very like the sea.

  5. Your rhyme scheme is subtle, the form unobtrusive. I like the first one best, more primordial & cosmically connected. I like the lines /sea spray bathes giant rocks till clean/birthing fresh sand in its foam's flow/.

  6. The ocean does indeed constantly breathe that "ohm". I love the oceans and anytime I have to leave when I have visited, I feel as if I am leaving a beloved person. These are lovely octets and I do so like the rhythm and subtle rhymes. I wish I could read these with my eyes closed so I could hear the ocean.

  7. "Willow branch fingers reach below
    into a perylene green stream
    Into the perfect wave I go"

    Ah! I love that. Beautifully penned.


  8. I really did like the idea of going into a wave and seeing heaven. What better place to get a beautiful view....
    I enjoyed this view of nature you gave the reader...

  9. I love the first poem, Kathy. It is very evocative and powerful and I enjoyed the meditative quality suggested by the rhythm and closing line.

  10. I've only seen the ocean a few times in my life...but each time I've had the chance, I have thoroughly loved it. Lovely set.

  11. Good rhythm and flow. Nice theme, too.

  12. Enjoyed reading both of these, I enjoyed the flow of the first one
    and I would depart chanting three ohms..

  13. The whole thing is beautiful, but that first line is just stunning and really grabs me!


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