Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Princess Charlotte pudding

I've long admired you for your sultry charm,
soft curves and elegant flair,
for your smooth almond flavor,
your color of eggshell -
your laughter, lighter than a bite of air
My affair with you is eternal,
of cerebral and delicate making,
If a voice, you would be an oriole,
lending its song gastromomically,
to the refreshment of my soul

I would like to swim inside you,
immerse myself most blissfully,
tasting you with gusto,
my tongue and lips enveloping you,
savoring the texture
of your delicate body
Artful, lyrical, esteemed pudding -
from a recipe card stained by olive oil,
a most precarious undertaking

My mother made Princeess Charlotte pudding
for special occasions and luncheon teas
Now it bears a new royal connotation,
with its cornstarch, gelatin, whipped cream,
whole egg custard consistency
Milk and vanilla extract heated,
a newborn's lovely fragrance folded in,
You are on Henry Theile's restaurant menu,
in Portland, served as the favorite dessert
for  the Duchous or Duke of Cambridge -
you are fit for any King or Queen


  1. a newborn's fragrance folded in... oh i like this much... and i have lots of recipe cards stained with olive oil... and now i wanna try a princess charlotte pudding - honestly you made my mouth watery

  2. Dang. Our relationship with food is quite intimate. Affair indeed.
    Love all the focus on texture. The scent of almond is so enticing.
    Lovely and delectable write.

  3. This is such an excellent piece of work :D

  4. Well, well, quite a rumbunctious read, full of desire - you certainly whetted my appetite! It's not the same as a Charlotte cake in France, is it?

  5. you've really made me want to try this.

  6. What a wonderful description.. love those handed down recipes.. I have a few from my grandmother that are so good.. this sound like something to really dive into.

  7. Now that is a wonderful thing about wonderful want to swim in them. Indeed,Princess Charlotte Pudding is a wonderful thing and you have described it in loving and sensual detail. Now I know what I am fixing for dessert this weekend. It is one of those summer desserts I crave. and when peaches come in, I'll eat a biteof pudding, eat a slice of peach...on and on. This was just a super write and a most enjoyable read. And oh, those precious recipes handed down, in the handwriting of the loved one.

  8. I think our new lovely baby Princess would approve of this delicate and delicious poem!
    I need something sweet right now 😊

  9. I think our new lovely baby Princess would approve of this delicate and delicious poem!
    I need something sweet right now 😊

  10. Now I want to taste this heavenly concoction ~ You make it sound and taste like its a very special dish, one that melt and envelop you with goodness ~


  11. You described this Princess Charlotte pudding so well that I'd like to give it a try & taste it with gusto as well. I will have to see if there is a recipe for it online. Love the photo too!

  12. I love this -- a poem written to a pudding! What a clever idea. I've never had Princess Charlotte Pudding, but it looks and sounds delicious. Peace, Linda

  13. You make it sound so Dreamy!! Alas, I'm not a fan of almond flavoring, though I love the nuts.

  14. Ah.. the cakes of life do lend fillings of icing.. oh the icing of life..
    do feel lesser cakes.. with icing.. but for me the cake and
    icing can go away.. i'll stay with the feeling..
    and spank the sweet tooth.. of life..
    No.. not easy to do.. sweet is sweet..:)

  15. I feel like eating this pudding too. I love almond flavor and a subtle pudding is always a nice addition to a meal. And the allusion to the new royal baby made me smile.

  16. You have peaked the pleasure domes of our taste buds; pudding, like ice cream, can be my downfall, as, like you, once I have that first bite, I want to dive into it. How you worked such sensuality into a pudding poem is a marvel of mouth-watering impressiveness.


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