Friday, January 29, 2016

Imagism - teascape

dVerse Poets Pub

Rattling kettle, spitting steam,
boiling water poured
for pleasing company;
infusion of flavours
from orchard to dynasty,
afternoon libation,
reading of leaves
served with silent steps

Staple of sustenance
of the bourgeois,
or traditional twinings
sipped from dainty
porcelain cups;
accompaniments - of course,
lemon, jam and cream
Drinking tea leads to good health,
and thinking with more clarity


  1. I could actually smell that bourgeois flavored bliss. Did I here a grandfather clock ticking too... wonderful image Kathy

    1. ...that would have added to the poem for sure; thank you, Bjorn.

  2. Your images are so vivid! Really fantastic work on the prompt :D

  3. ooooh, I'm coming over for tea! You've made it so very real....and delicious! "infusion of flavours,
    from orchard to dynasty" -- brings to mind my trips to China and experiencing the tea ceremony.
    Lovely post!

  4. Very nice! I've taken to drinking a lot of tea in the afternoon this winter. Not quite as elegantly as is implied in your poem though!

  5. I love all these details. I was immediately taken into a scene from Downton Abbey. ;)

  6. A lovely cup of tea, tastes just right.

    1. I like your title, and the lovely description of an afternoon's delightful moment of relaxation.

  7. you took the preparation to a majestic height...lets have a cuppa ;)

  8. I like how you included all the senses--I can touch that porcelain and hear the pouring tea--that sound is so familiar to me most nights about 2 AM!

  9. Lovely, vivid, steamingly-wonderful. It is kind of Oriental in flavor. I buy Chinese tea from an import shop, & enjoy it in my Seahawks cup several times a day. Sorry I didn't drop by after your visit to me on the Tuesday prompt. Reciprocity is golden.

  10. The details are delicious! (as I sip my tea right now from an over sized Christmas mug)
    I do like to have little tea parties with friends when I use my grandmother's dainty cups.

  11. A wonderful image of our tea ceremonies and I love the way you twine in twinings!


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