Monday, January 18, 2016


From Bjorn today over at is a challenge to write a quadrille. There are two stipulations: that the word dance be used as a verb with an object, and to be written in exactly
44 words. Well I was up for a challenge.

Wearing her pink felt hat
among leafy bract,
under yellowing sky -
she arcs her arm, waving at passersby
Perfect lace creations fall, dance around,
become her veil and wedding gown
Bending to converse with another lower bloom,
she discovers in deep snow the groom


  1. I love the thought that snowflakes are "perfect lace creations" falling.

  2. The groom had better show himself in more uncertain terms. He may create unnecessary pressure starting out!


  3. To me finding your groom in the snow has a sinister feeling... an end of sorts, a metaphor for passing... but that's only me... the words are exquisite...

  4. Dancing WiNter sNow Love..
    hidden heArts of Frozen
    lore.. wedding
    dress of
    hope iS more
    than cold snow
    hands.. wish of
    three.. one of
    Love.. sNow
    sMiles back
    wArm heARt bRings
    relief of Cold.. FroZen
    spiRit grows.. wedding home..:)

  5. I do so wonder what sort of late blooming blossom she might be? An exquisite poem; love every line, beat & word of it. You were up for it indeed. Sort of reminds me of the snow flower prompt Toni had for us recently.

  6. I love the idea of lacy snowflakes becoming the veil and gown for the last flowers blooming.........beautifully done!

  7. A different and unique take Kathy ~ The ending took me by surprise but I love this imagery:

    Perfect lace creations fall, dance around,
    become her veil and wedding gown

    Thanks for joining us at the pub ~

  8. OK,i've got to know, what kind of flower is she? Sounds like a late Winter bloom, but i'm not sure. You have woven a great mystery here, so metaphoric!

  9. Well, the ending was quite unexpected!

  10. What a wonderful personification of a bloom waving and bending and finding her groom in the snow...I love it.

  11. I get the impression of a little girl playing at growing up. Love this.


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