Friday, February 26, 2016

The cat's meow

dVerseWe are writing from the First person perspective today  @

Of the morn, my gold-green eyes
meet hers, hazel, as we lay supine
Impressions left in bed sheets
when we arise
to a new day's dewy shine
Quivering and cold,
last night outside,
my coat shimmered
under the moon
racing with my shadow
I ran inside to the warm fire,
but none too soon
I see her as an angel,
Our yin and yang in balance,
so no coincidence -
our lives are naturally spun
into our own honeycomb,
Fate must have led her to me;
it's just the two of us,
you see
Her breath is uneven when
she holds me close
I snuggle against her body
to calm her anxiousness

I watch how birds land
on her shoulders when she calls;
with a single wave of her arm,
flowers spring up the garden wall
Seasons collide, the earth moves,
and life goes on,                                                                                              
but we live on Island time
I nap on her lap and we dream
of riding giant mice and
chasing birds back into the trees

I will keep her young by
playing with balls of yarn
I kiss her hand, put my paw
on her arm
She combs my hair,                                                                         
one hundred strokes a day,
serves me a queen's fare,
cream on whiskers with whey
I can't turn back the page to yesterday,
but I will escort her across every
bridge along the way  
A privilege to be with her
(she thinks of me the same)
I lick her tears of joy and sadness away 
This vessel called love transports us
to where we belong,
and where we long to stay.


  1. What a lovely view.. A caring cat as only cat care.. Such love in such a relationship, and that traveling together.

  2. I like how well this poem describes a long-lived love relationship. In that sense, it is quite universal.

  3. The love between animal and human is quite intense. I love that it's from her point of view.

  4. Oh, I can feel the love in this one, Kathy! Pets do this to a person.

  5. What a delight. Ours cats, or in my case, dogs, are such a gift and truly a source of comfort. So nice that you slipped into the pet's perspective.

  6. A sweet cat. I'm a dog person myself but I understand that bond. Great voice here.

  7. Oh! I loved this! From a cat's view and truly, I would see all of this in the eyes of my cats. My SamCat passed in October and I miss him everyday. This is a beautiful tribute to the love of a cat.

  8. Wonderful. We have a cat that is NONE like this. ;) Ha. But I also have a sweet pup, and this is just exactly it.

  9. The love and loyalty of animal and spills from your words. I had to laugh at dreaming of riding giant mice...what a visual! :)

  10. SmiLes.. a beautiful
    SonG about Love
    for a cat..
    but sure
    iT could
    be the same
    song that i have
    for my wife Katrina..
    as i Lick her tears away
    and Love to the point
    where it is impossible
    for her to even age..
    and the most
    pARt oF
    aLL iS..
    i can prove iT..
    and just did iN
    my latest post..
    but if you've ever
    been to my home..
    you've likely already
    the proof..
    sMiLes and
    happy Now..
    my friend..
    all away
    in hopes for
    you as WeLL..:)


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