Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Coming undone...replenishing, or repairing frayed circuits..

Today is haibun Monday over at dversepoets.com. I have not posted in awhile but with a short break from busy recent weeks, I thought I'd give it a try. In prose or poetry form, it reads the same; I'm not sure which sounds better. We are writing about clearing the mind and relaxing.

Her climbing skills curtailed long ago, she travels still short distances. She dares not let up in her persistence,  pauses at a grassy knoll, hears the faint sound of what could be a piccolo. In her calves, clots in twisted veins remain, map of winding rugged roads meandering, the story of her life travels; miles beg to be unraveled, causing legs to bleed. 

She rests by a spring-fed mountain stream; sun-light sparkling from it sends gleams to her hair. She splashes her feet clean on smooth flat rocks, douses with wild roses her worried locks, inhaled scents of wet grass and white pear. Dashes of light meet furrowed brow, where unruly lines spread and  underscore life's quakes; crow's feet extend much deeper now.  

Memories, earliest to the present, careen; years of tears cried are unleashed, freed. The pain in her legs abates as crooked becimes straight. Upon an invisible keyboard scale, notes play in air a melody.  She swims in deep river veins, unafraid, no longer encumbered or cast about.  She turns her back, showingn+ hues of the rainbow; no more flounders a shiny silver trout.

Ablation of veins -
healing portal to the sea
of new clarity                                                              


  1. You have captured that stream so well. When we walk in the mountain, we always pitch our tents as close as possible to streaming water... a place for memories and healing (and sometimes also for sleep)

  2. 'life's quakes' - what wonderful line! Your imagery sparkles; thanks for sharing :)

  3. That silver trout, freed and splashing. And releasing pent up tears can definitely ease one, get rid of all those inner knots. I so enjoyed this. So healing is water - streams, oceans, tears.

  4. I love this story of aging, of a reflection on a life lived, sometimes endured. This line says so much to me:
    In her calves, clots in twisted veins remain, map of winding rugged roads meandering, the story of her life; miles beg to be unraveled,

    1. Victoria, thank you so much for that acknowledgement.

  5. Stream flowing as if troubles and stress just flow away from us, leaving us refreshed; reborn. Nature is surely a journey and destination rolled into one! A beautiful release, Kathy!

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  7. I also admire the part that Victoria pointed out ~ To me this speaks about the challenges of the aging body but finding peace and harmony by casting out the negativity ~

    Lovely haibun Kathy ~ I hope you are well ~

  8. If I am allowed to have a favourite, this is it. You pulled me in right from the start with... "She dares not let up in her persistence". I love your descriptive phrases like "douses with wild roses her worried head". The longing and determination to travel more miles in life, the reflections and realities of aging are woven so beautifully into this haibun. Love it!

    1. I am glad you like it and there is an audience for my words. Thanks so much!

  9. Interesting journey of regeneration.

  10. Glad to have found you again. I enjoyed your site prior to so many things that took me away from writing.Beautifully written.


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