Friday, June 17, 2016

End of the Affair...

I could not say goodbye
to my lover
"Hasta la vista baby" was my mantra
Ties broken, desire receded
into the bleakest bleak oblivion

No longer arrive sweet spicy letters;
there is no 'keeping in touch',
yet lingers the smell of
heady cigar smoke
Out flame! Out spark!
Forget the number I wrote
on the menu 
in a French restaurant

My heart sprang free today
I'm dancing across the moon now 
with a mad Sicilian
Forgive my callousness,
my dear....but oh, 
by the way, 
how is Vivienne?


  1. Perhaps a good time to cut ties too and start over again. I enjoyed the voice of the scorned and unhappy woman Katy.

  2. I enjoyed the sarcasm & scorn heaped on the old lover, & yes, trimeter, & others perhaps got me all iambicked up. Thanks for the lovely comment on my Nam poem. (I was in the service in the late 60's, but never was in country--just had lots of friends who were--& the poet's ear captured it all).

  3. The alternation of meter in this really adds to the tone of the poem with emphasis focused on the trimetric lines. I felt a bit of resentment tinged with sarcasm here. Great poem.

  4. When all else fails, dance with reckless abandon (or Sicilians). There is much mood conveyed rather well and vehemently here, Kathy!

  5. "Out flame! Out spark!" -- I love that this feels like both a mantra, and perhaps a plea.

  6. Maybe the mad Sicilian turns out much better anyway... love the voice of this. It's hard to admit it hurts isn't it

  7. Yes, like Bjorn I loved the voice here. The Sicilian sounds like a better option!

  8. Gorgeous alternation of meter in your poem, Kathy :D

    Lots of love,

  9. Ah, smiling I am! I must admit, cannot comment on the meter (just mixes me up) but I love the flow of this and the voice at the end! :) Well done!

  10. The mix of meters works well. Gives this poem a bit of a jagged feel, which seems appropriate when talking about an ex lover


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