Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Woman in the Moon..

The Woman in the Moon...

I am slightly out of the circle,
yet hold two poles together
I always take a neutral stance
I've searched the world for meaning
and rode on a bicycle in
the Tour De France

On pure, clear nights, I watch
true love bloom at water's edge
as men stoop to one knee
I fill souls with romance
I am the woman in the moon
watching my own shadow dance

Making my rounds, I pull tides 
and pour moonlight on the sea
I show off my radiance
I am mainly in a state of flux
Concerned about my privacy,
I take breaks to reflect

I observe crucial world events
Buttermilk tears in vanilla eyes
I see such suffering and pain
I hope for peace, but in vain
Tides and calendars I chronicle,
my moods are illogical
Follow me as I wax and wane

I steal across curves of the earth
My role and face change frequently 
I am a prop for owls and bats,
you see,
and frequent listener to lullabies
Find me in Tarot Cards and art
I love pussycats and sunrise

I scowl at storms who keep me
from sending inspiring quotes
to Yeats, Gibran, and Anin
I breathe Lennon songs across 
a celestial terrain,
encourage spirits pioneering

I cast moonbeams in subtle ways,
I blend with any crowd
Of dreams I am a weaver,
sailors sing Amore' out loud
I invite believers
I grab stars and rearrange them,
 put them back again

People in Miami boast of my eggs
I eat grapes, rye bread and cheese
Wine causes me to blush
the shade of an orange martini
Cows jump over me
I've seen the birth of a hermit thrush

Before I slip beyond the horizon
or disappear in wisps of blackberry smoke,
I kiss all the children goodnight
Proud of the guidance I provide,
I am the woman in the moon,
Lucky lady, shining bright

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  1. What a great lady and what she can do, everything there except the target for howling beasts

    1. Ha...I covered all but the howling beasts and the kitchen sink!

  2. I like your take on the prompt. People talk about the man in the moon but she is a woman - Diana, Luna, Chandra, Phoebe, Artemis, Selene, and Hecate, and I've probably omitted a few!

    1. Thanks, Kim; it's so true...I am heading your way.

  3. We are one lucky children to have a mother moon looking over us Kathy. This is my favorite part:

    I cast moonbeams in subtle ways,
    I blend with any crowd
    Of dreams I am a weaver,
    for sailors, a symbol of Amore'
    I grab stars and rearrange them,
    invite more believers

  4. Oh I truly love sooooo much about this! Everyone knows the "man in the moon" image -- or at least I've heard that since I was very very young. But to think of the Woman in the Moon -- absolutely lovely and wonderful and awe inspiring. I love sooo many lines and most especially these:
    "When I see such suffering and pain,
    buttermilk tears fall from my vanilla eyes"
    Absolutely wonderful!

  5. There is such a gentle rhythm and rhyme to this, like the tides themselves. Just wonderful.

  6. I adore the ground, history & myth covered in your piece, illustrating how integral the moon is with we wee folks dancing on the ant's nest below her. I wonder what the history of the concept of "the man in the moon" really is, certainly not legend, myth, or ancient religions.

  7. I love mother moon! I love the next to last stanza, especially seeing the birth of a hermit thrush. Wonderful images in this moon.

  8. This is the first response I've read written in the first person and it works so well. You make me want to write another.

  9. Gayle Walters RoseAugust 30, 2016 at 11:03 PM

    I used to think of the man in the moon but through the years changed her into a mother figure. I just love your much detail in this as your mother moon looks down upon all.

  10. A motherly figure...and so many colours and shades...beautiful!

  11. pouring moonlight on the sea and riding in the tour de two fav parts - ha - the moon is a mysterious creature - isn't she...smiles

  12. Nurturing liGht..
    Mother Moon's
    tides oF loVinG
    by dArk..
    by cLouDS
    buT only source
    oF liGht
    home Love..:)

  13. I especially love this pioneering bit =)
    "I scowl at storms who keep me
    from sending inspiring quotes
    to Yeats, Gibran, and Anin
    I breathe Lennon songs across
    a celestial terrain,
    and encourage pioneering"

  14. So much goodness can the moon extend with its subtle shines! Very much so Kathy!


  15. Dropping in for a very late comment...sorry, but I'm so happy I did. Your poem captures all the wonders of the moon so vividly. I love the pouring of moonlight,how she watches her own shadow dance and "wisps of blackberry smoke". Just beautiful. The fourth stanza really touched me, as I thought of how helpless she might be watching our world's dilemmas.


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