Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How is your life aligned?

At today we are writing in response to photographer  Emily Blincoe's project,  "Arrangements"  Please check out the rest of her art on her website.

Interpretation of art
is very personal
I love how similar objects
beg to be arranged.
Each photo is its own

Images invoke certain feelings,
memories, touch a nerve,
categorized by themes
For instance,                                                                 
Picasso had his blue period,
Warhol his extremes

Musicians may express
themselves in theory only,
Graphic artists in basic
Impressionist are more
focused aesthetically

An artist's eye for color and hue,
juxtaposition and shape
appealing is the affinity with order;
beauty is in the positioning

Balance is crucial,
colors in rainbows aligned
Like next to like,
a story is told
yet differences abide

I, myself, fall into
a more abstract category,
or random gatherings
No, not chaos, nor rigid form;
more, in a clump,
a state of upheaval,
naturally found, in its own way,
sublimely divine



  1. It's so true.. in music art and poetry, there is always some level of abstraction... even a photo is framed, and there are things we do include and those we leave out.

  2. I absolutely concur with your final stanza, Kathy.

  3. I could ot read the first part, but loved what you did with the prompt.

    1. I'm sorry you were unable to read the first part...I've been editing it all morning...

  4. I like that final stanza, so much.

  5. You certainly made use of all the pictures, well done! 'similar objects beg to be arranged' - or is it our minds forever seeking patterns?

  6. Each of us find our own design, interpretation and balance ~ I don't like it when its too chaotic or too rigid too Kathy ~ Thanks for joining us ~

  7. i really enjoyed your interpretation of the prompt and the assembly inside each photograph. great take!

  8. So wonderful that you took on several of the photographs, & yes, your last stanza was killer, liberating, & celebratory. Art buzzes about us like carcinogens, & too often we never credit it, or even notice it; like interior decorators & florists, who, through their own arrangements express their artistic perspectives.

  9. I'm with you--once the painting or poem takes shape I have to let it take over and go where it will--even, to some extent, with form poetry. Even though part of me craves order. Maybe that's to offset the rest.

  10. A refreshing format in response to the prompt. I enjoyed each tidbit of art and wisdom. The slightly messier side of life appeals to me as well but I do see this within the transitions of her arrangements. That grey area can be the sweetest spot.

  11. I enjoyed meandering through the gallery...and the soaring image of gulls at the end. Thanks for interpreting as poetic docent, Kathy!

  12. Lovely write...from the neat and orderly, to the "state of upheaval", there is beauty to be found :-)

  13. Love your perspective on the prompt and the sweet spot at the end, where the adventure begins.


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