Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A cordial holiday...

Today we are prompted to use drinking words in ways that have nothing to do with the bar scene, alcohol, or drinking.


                          A Cordial Holiday

Sweet Sherry and salty Margarita sailed away
for a cordial holiday.

Leaving Manhattan, they were to meet Jim Beam
and John Collins.
At the port of Madeira, came the dismay.
Stood up...the boys obviously held a double standard.
They saw pink champagne colored reefs,
and cockatiels nesting by day,
They slurped sour lemons, ate melons with chard
They paddled into olive green Kahlua shaded water,
thick mangroves by the black velvet night.

They huddled between the sheets ,
bitter but cooler.
On the fifth day they met Rob and Roy for Irish coffees 
With the high ball of sun above,
Sherry was beciderself.
Margarita licked the salt on her arm.
A dream  fizzled, they sugar coated their error
and set sail for Curacao
in search of  the twisted Merry Widow,
met her at old fashioned Mr. Boston's wake,
partaking of  a blended absinthe milkshake


  1. Great story Kathy! It certainly went well over a vast expanse of connections in time and space!


  2. "beciderself" ... That is priceless! I love this post. :)

    1. This was my favorite, as well. Such clever wordplay here. Love it, Kathy.

  3. No, not a whiff of alcohol at all :)

  4. A grand adventure, my lady, rocking the prompt & adding several new "words & phrases". You had fun & so did we; smile.
    Liked the line /they saw pink champagne colored reefs by day/.

  5. Ha.. beciderself.... just perfect... I feel like you went wild in the Bar here Kathy

  6. I enjoyed this humorous tale. A great way to incorporate some additional words.

  7. Nice use of these words. I especially liked how you got "cider" from "beciderself".

  8. Ohh! this is a really enjoyable trip. You made me smile. Thanks!

  9. A clever take on the prompt and what a story you told here. Well done. :)

  10. Oh, I adore this rollicking tale – especially 'beciderself'!

  11. I love this!! A most skilfully composed poem that leaves one feeling breathless❤️

  12. I like the style of this. I think your title sums it up: 'A cordial holiday'...very amusing :)

  13. A delight from beginning to end, but I LOVED beciderself!


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