Thursday, March 16, 2017



At today, Bjorn asks us to write or paint with words of impressionism in art, where the essence of the subject is brought out with light and brush strokes that draw us in. There is a freshness about the art that is easy on the eye and evokes strong emotions.

                                                                                              by Jean Mannheim

Emerging gracefully from 
around a grey corner,
spring arrives at a bleak time,
taking to task for 
not leaving sooner, hail, and
winter's slippery grime
 - where maroon vines of heartache 
now creep,
Spring bliss will line the street
birds trill in concert
with stained glass chimes
Still, hands reach for other hands 
to grasp; arms stretch for 
other arms to hold
Pink snow appears all around;
light plays with slender
beams of gold
White wisps of cotton ridges
dab the sky, breezes nudge
longing for softer days,
to stroll heathered paths
looking for the one thing that 
really matters
Removing her hat to let
sun kindle her cheeks,
she drops easily to the ground,
sensing awakenings 
Braced by one elbow,
she rests on rounded side in
a green grassy lea
 She waits for
to fill her garden bed 
After all,
Spring is appreciated


  1. What a wonderful scene of spring... spring is the time to fall in love... :-)

  2. What a joyous welcome of Spring. Let us hope she will be appreciated! Enjoyable read.

  3. Today, here in Wa state, it seems the rains of rancor have stopped, & warm temps & blue skies puffy white clouds all tease us--for the gray drizzle returns tomorrow; shades of British Isles & such. Your lovely & colorful words weave a welcome to Ms. Spring just three days hence.

    1. Thank Glenn; I changed the last line. Beautiful today on the island.

  4. Looking forward to what spring will bring us - lots of flowers and buds, I hope ~

    Hope she will be appreciated soon!

    1. Grace, I changed the last line. Thanks

  5. I like the idea of dreamers looking for the one thing that really matters in spring.

  6. what a lovely introduction into spring, gentle flowing words that bring thoughts of much peace and grace

  7. Somehow you have transported right back into the glory days of impressionism and made me think of Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Jane Austen with the lovely word-painting welcoming spring. Great use of sensory detail, too.

  8. I like how Spring removes her hat and sun kindles her cheeks...your words painted the graceful motion.

  9. Oh, this makes me long for spring, it doesn't look like spring here I think it is buried under 2 feet of snow.

  10. I truly enjoyed this poem. And the picture/painting. Love love love it. Pink snow appears all around...and the grasping of hands - pink snow and love go hand in hand in the spring. And thank goodness, Spring is appreciated!

  11. Enjoyed this very much. Excited for the fresh new starts that springtime brings.

  12. I love the subtle use of colour in your poem, Kathy: they grey, maroon and pink, that creates a softness in your chilly scene.

  13. She waits for flowers
    to fill her garden bed
    After all, Spring is appreciated

    Being friendly with spring will bring the right dividends in greenery! Wonderful write Kathy!


  14. Your poem is appreciated too, Kathy! I'll be 63 in May and I feel the same as you about writing. Sweet words!

  15. Stunning colour and vibrant phrasing...and that 'one thing that really matters' is intriguing.

  16. I admire the way Spring emerged through your words without obvious splashes of colour. This part was so lovely..." White wisps of cotton ridges dab the sky, breezes nudge dreamers
    longing for softer days"


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