Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Old Lamplighter

  • For  we are writing about the top songs on the charts on the day we were born. This sweet song was at the top of the list the first 3 months of the year 1947, made popular by Sammy Kaye and his Orchestra and again in 1960 by The Browns.
  • The song was sung by Gene Autry in the movie "Twilight on the Rio Grande" which first appeared in on April 1, 1947 (one day after the day I was born, March 31st) This song always gives me a warm feeling.

He made the stars a little brighter,
all encompassing,
tiny windows, a glimpse
into a more perfect world,
making me feel serene
I always imagined he
is the same one who
carried a ladder and torch
to light the gas lamps atop
lamp-posts on the streets
each day at twilight,
putting the town asleep

He wears a top hat
and heavy coat;
his taunt arms reach
up with a torch,
whether fog or damp rain
Illuminating the streets
below for passers by
The image in my mind has
always been a 19th century
English scene, perhaps
a warm and cozy Christmas time,
of feelings of safety and peace -
that sugary feeling
all is well in the world


  1. LOVE this! So glad you posted to the prompt. Ah yes....that sugary feeling all is well with the world. Love this ending here. Look at my post for the prompt....I used the Lamplighter also as it was, as you say, a top hit in 1947, the year I was born. So --- it would be super if yours was the last post here (although I welcome more!) and we'd go full circle from the original song with the post to the last post with the same song. I do also find it very gentle....and I can imagine my parents dancing to it! :)


    1. Also the year I was born...yes, a gentle song, but I have another ;)

  2. The images I have of a lamplighter reminds me of peaceful times as well when it was safe to light lamps and brighten dark streets for celebrations.

  3. I had never heard this song until I read Lillian's post and it is lovely to hear it again here. A beautiful poem that evokes the atmosphere of that era when the streetlights were lit by hand :o)

  4. I love his voice and made me sentimental of the golden voices ~ He does give you that feel good feeling Kathy ~ Happy Easter ~


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