Saturday, December 29, 2012

Clickety click of change..

Over at  dVerse Poets Pub lovely Claudia suggests we write about change, turnings taking place...she gave us a wide latitude, with the New Year on the way, for all types of change...

she worked 9 to 5
in the secretarial pool..first ladies of the
pantsuit desk set... buttoned down
blue collar blouse....
..shorthand tablet
at the ready
clickety click 
of typewriters
halted abruptly..
A long whistle sounded,
emptying rows of desks
Prattling, they punched cards.. 
crowding into an
wrought iron
40's type..
10 floors to the 
main lobby of the department store..out 
the glass swiveling doors.. onto the neon lit puddled sidewalk
found them at the darkly Rose Cafe..a joint that played the blues, served stiff Martinis...for a time, a speak easy, of an era when art nouveau  flourished..with olives, she preferred two.  Blythe spirits jitterbugging..dancing the flat foot floozy...
Noises echo my minds eye I see them...or is it a movie screen?

 ...the world would soon be at 
war, second one..
Facing the abyss,  ladies united,
worked two jobs - as riveters,  making
parachutes, packing ammunition
The tenderer sex had to
ration, sacrifice...
a patriotism few questioned
Clickety clack,
machines drown out
gay voices and song... 

70 years go by..
new doors open, new paths to travel 
We fly around the world in no time..
Ladies today can be executrix,
win congressional seats..
then there are micro chips...
Generations make rapid strides..
for all we know Hillary will be President
one day, and Bill
will be the first First Gentleman
I have a feeling it's always going to be 
something BIG.. in store for you and me
Clickety click...
a toast, so "let's have another cup of coffee,
another piece of pie!"



  1. that is way much has how you paint the pic of her working 9 - 5 and then enjoying her evening, listening to the blues...smiles...i wonder where life takes us to in further years...and then someone else will write a poem and look back in time..curious what's ahead...much enjoyed your piece katy..

  2. This is so charming. The scenes are beautifully painted - little watercolors - I love the cafe and the way you work in the two olives the best I think but all of them are very well executed. Who knows what will come? We'll see (I hope'!) k.

  3. Those were the days and times (typewriters & WW2) ~ How times have changed indeed but hopefully more for women's rights and dreams.

    Cheers and wishing you Happy New Year ~

  4. I enjoyed all of the scenes you painted here with your words. Truly made me realize how much things have changed in the last decades. For women, for men, for our world. And, as your words at the end of the second last stanza imply, we really cannot even envision what change will be right around the corner for us all! Happy New Year to you.

  5. cool...i like the changes you choose to include in our does not take over the story but sets the current of the far we have come in the last little our roles, in tech, as a world....

  6. I've just been reading a book that is set in three times -- the 20s, 40s, and today. This poem is so true to those changes we women have one through. What's next? More Hill and Bill, for sure. Then what? The moon! (oh, wait...that's been done)!


    1. Typos! Where's the typing tape...fluid...DELETE key?

    2. those are almost antiques!? Glad you like it..

  7. very rich... i love the different scenes, the textures, the sounds... brilliant work!

  8. Your memories are treasures... thanks for sharing. I worked in a department store through college, can relate to the winding down so late at night.

  9. dancing the flat foot floozy...giggles. Those gals had a good time with all that jitterbugging. I would rather drink martinis than be the president. Happy New Year!

  10. ..a real fun to read with such an epic visuals...enjoyed where you took my imaginations on this... happy new year... smiles..

  11. I like this ~ it reminded me of Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 :)

  12. I am enjoying this. big broad change as came to be through itty bitty moments. a wonderful, epic version you've penned. viva women and the progress we've made. Happy New Year!

  13. there's something special about the way things were

  14. Thank you for sharing this lovely write. Happy new year to you. :)

  15. Excellent. I'm full of admiration, for the concept behind this and for its fulfillment.

  16. In the store, in store, tintypes and paragraphs--exciting to look back through your images--and wonderful to look forward. Happy New Year.

  17. Many facets of life reflected and just as readily they are subject to change. How true! And Bill being First Gentleman! Interesting Kathy!



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