Thursday, August 31, 2017

End of August...

Acrostic poem today @

End of August

Embers blink back at me amidst grey smoke
Nothing else on my mind but you and me
Dancing flames speak of summer's fickle end

Of building sand castles on future shores
Forever pink clouds grace your silhouette

Amber shadows bleed from a crying sun
Undulating waves invite us to wade
Gusts of a north wind rustle the sea grass
Upon sunset we fall into starlight
Slowly cease coos of doves in bushes blue
Together, in vintage photos we fade

Monday, August 28, 2017

Quadrille #39 Blissfullness


Pale rainbow palette above,
face in sea's air,
raindrops sashay down upon my face.
A fledgling's feather falls against my cheek.
I drink the fine wine of blissful miracles;
nature sings love notes to my senses
From a rainstorm afar,
bells toll a concierto

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ask the moon...

It's Open Link Night over at  Find lots of good poetry for reading over the weekend. Mine is prose poetry.

I asked the moon,
 "what shall I do
when I want to just hide?"
Must I bare all, unlike you,
a total eclipse of the soul?
When people want to see only
one side, how long will it take
for the earth to turn to coal?

I ask the stars how and when
they will fall, for how
long they will look down on us.
Why is our journey so toiled and jagged,
such a short haul?
And, it's dangerous
venturing out
The sun is split, filters divided

Today I ask the heavens,
"Is life all by chance
or is it destiny? I
want to know why,
to understand why my life
is longer and better
than others', who live with drought,
disease and tyranny.

Not all touches me
in my corner of the world,
yet I feel diminished by
each misdeed against
I fail in my small
to effect a stream
of consciousness, help  raise the
world above its searing ignorance
and dissonance

I miss our innocence,
even its trial and strife;
the canary's song not startled,
a grazing flock of  deer,
Misty-eyed, I ponder
Orion's prism lights,
asking from whence
comes our happenstance
of being

I can't escape the cold reality -
or is this ugliness a dream?
Whose truth leads us out,
keeps us from falling into an abyss?
Certainly not by a man's whim,
a casual glance
or sneer over the shoulder,
or a barbaric
swoop of arms that miss,

Solutions are hard to come by
without a leader who knows
how to use the bully pulpit -
to enhance
the world we live in,
rather than subtract
its democracy,
and take along with it,
the beauty of this earth
Divine guidance appears
to be in evil hands.
Where are our morals and mirth?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer Nights

After a July break we are back to writing over at  and we are writing sonnets today.

 Summer Nights

In this burning summer of new love unfolding,
I watch you waist deep in water cobalt blue
Swimming, you wrap coconut oiled arms around me
We hide behind tall rocks and kiss 

Across the sky you will fly, and I could die
missing you, just days away from leaves turning color
Stamped with damp sand, my hair smothers your face
Ocean foam ripples down my spine

It isn't fair clouds move more rapidly on our beachwalk
Remembering smokey warm summer nights
I'll find you in my dreams of yesterday

The light in my eyes will never reach you
when you leave me sitting here on a driftwood log
Thoughts of your lemon drop kisses hang in mid air