Thursday, July 16, 2015

A philosophy of hope

Today at  we are invited to write about philosophy of life, about taking a break from "being connected" and taking time to be with one's own thoughts and how we can re-write our scripted life.  I had written this earlier but it seemed to fit the category of "opportunities to look at one's life", taking stock of what one has, a way of surmounting trauma and disappointment, etc.

Skeletons of old railroad relics lie scattered,
stuck in foliage stiff and dry
Sing my poverty!
Squirrels whisk nuts underground,
barn to barn the swallows fly
nab what fruits they can by robbery
Prickly heat throws back the sun; 
we breathe the motionless air
How different the weather is,

the river does not flow,
runs and hides a honey bear
Overhead jet stripes in the sky
bees vanish as scythes pant,

The horseman's ruddy gaze 
says he is parched from the inside,
emerging from checkered shadows,
drunk on his drowsy ride 
Red brick in color, 
chunks of clay earth break away
where waterfalls used to slide,
hawks scared the jay
His sight stretches back to the volcano
that emptied its belly -
when hope faded quickly away
and heat softened the mind
He had the strength to carry on,
the desire to live a different way
Glimmers a mirage in glassytude,
just when an oasis soothed the eye.
Imagining underground water blue
He dismounted and crawled,
digging elbows into silt,
sprawled on his stomach in the dirt,
Grateful he might live another day
he quenched his thirst in morning dew
A slip of grass caught his chin
as he bent his head to pray

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


After a short hiatus the team at has opened the pub today for more sharing of our poetry. We are asked to write no more than 12 lines re-introducing ourselves using six words - three which tell something about who we are or what is important to us and three words for things we are grateful for.  I am looking forward to reading what everyone has to contribute.
This is a re-written poem with a few slight changes. The words (plus 1) I chose are highlighted below:

I want to go beyond the unfair paradoxes of this world,
experience the fluid universe, 
swim through the salty brine of a cold cosmos - 
till I reach that serendipitous beach where I'll find 
yellow sunshine falling on driftwood, 
a cool place of unadulterated  peace of mind 
Where horses neigh, children are safe, all ills are cured;
There, the roads are paved with sincerityno bigotry or political foe
Outside, exquisite flowers grow; 
inside, friends dancing and bountiful art abide 
I'll rest in a cathedral of trees, for I will be home
Sorrow and happiness in my journeys intertwined, 
chained together in an infinite, rapturous melody