Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Fantasia..

It's good to be back for a day
 of reading and writing; while there's a heat wave now in 
the Pacific North West, I find myself still in the throws of getting my home ready to sell. The work has been overwhelming. The real estate market is good for sellers now where I am, and there is a low inventory, so wish me luck as I go right back to work repairing and cleaning 
with the help and support of good friends.  It looks more like the end of July before I will be able to return, to sit down with my blog peers.
Happy 4th everyone!
My contribution to Mary's invite over at today, a reference to a Disney move:

Dancing mushrooms, 
musically inspired by flutes,
taught me about life's choreography;
secrets of flowers, fantastic stories -
 plus the soul of Tchaikovsky
uplifted me

Like fireworks chasing a storm
 scenes burst with unstoppable technicolor; 
underneath abstract shadows and light, 
  melodic notes crept 
into my subconscious at night,
putting me afloat

Birthed from a pen, 
 moods and tones of all seasons 
move across the screen in serious momentum -
of mice, hippos, autumn leaves  
  Virtuoso sounds and visuals
re - release my imagination

Despite woes, 
it's a good philosophy
 to conduct one's own symphony
Disney worked magic;  he wanted to fill
the theater with incense and add stereo
to the soundtrack of the movie, 
a sort of road show 

 I would orchestrate
the building of a castle by the sea
to fend off any sorcerer, 
I would fan incense and songs 
of a thousand Ave Maria's 
about as the movie's music seeps 
into my backbone,
uplifting me