Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Written by klr

I tarry lightly,
toes play in the surf and sand.
Seagulls sail the air

A driftwood setee
 memories come back to me
cottage by the sea

Sweet kiss of the sun
burgundy and tangerine 
spirited hearts hum 

The wind fans my face
  color the beach white linen
Salt air sets me free

This was the first exercise of the new e-course I am taking on creativity. Instructions were to write, design, use photos or other media to describe the meaning of the word serendipity. My idea came to me quickly, the thoughts and words came later the same day, but it took much longer to get this blog up and going. I'm not a perfectionist, butam not satisfied if I just throw something together. The form of poetry is the haiku: 3 lines with syllables of 5, 7, 5., so I put several together! There are other haiku's with different rhythms and rules.
Thank you, Vicki, for the challenge. It was fun!