Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Driftwood ...Haiku Wednesday...

 Heart turned to driftwood
closed to another's soft touch
Could this be the time?

Could this be the time
for the drifter to appear?
Hat hung by the door

Hat hung by the door
frozen shut by drifts of snow
unlike summer's balm

Unlike summers' balm
 when boats drift simmering shores
Fireworks burst at dusk

Fireworks burst at dusk
Do stay, if you get my drift
Heart turned to driftwood

by klr

"Frog"... and... "Magnolia"..Haiku links

Linking with "Tackle it Tuesday"

 Frogs in unison 
serenade me through the night
Fine tranquilizers

by klr

                                Magnolia bluff ~ Seattle 

Proud magnolias
grandly carpet the steep bluff
meeting hazy peaks

Native sentinels
glory in sensuous tableau
anchor the framed bay

by klr

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fire....word prompt for haiku..

Linking with..  sensational-haiku-wednesday                                                                   
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

                                                                 by Angiezpics

Charred melting sandwich
Bonfire roasted marshmallows
Please toast me S'mores

by klr

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mountain...

wonderland by anaeugenio
Sharing with Ana's Earth Wonders where the theme all month is Nature...

By zooming in on the space at the end of the cul de sac where I live I can see Mt. Rainier, barely.  
Usually she is highlighted in pastel colors in morning or evening, but many a day there is a circle of clouds crowning her brow.  In this photo the sun is shining on her northeast side.  She comes out many times a day, no matter the weather unless it particularly is a dismal period.  Very few days go by when one doesn't see her from one angle or another at many intersections, hillsides, or while driving on the freeway.  It is amazing how many people have a personal view of her from their back yards or upstairs windows.  At times, she appears as clear as a bell, magnified and oh, so close; other times she seems much farther 
away in the distance than she really is.  

Everyone agrees she is beautiful in the 
spring for her meadows of wildflowers, in autumn for her multicolored treeline, and for her 
showy snow whiteness in winter, when her entire face if covered.  All year hikers traverse her.  Lately the earth has shaken beneath her as she is close to one of the major fault lines in Washington State, but she has been dormant for many, many years.

I feel privileged to have this peek at her from my mailbox, however the wires stringing across the photo take away from the scene.  Anyway, I decided to blend in the profile of  the famous Suquamish Indian,  Chief Sealth,  as his people believe mountains have spirits and he does look quite handsome looking over his kingdom from the sky, I think.  I left the sepia tones on purpose and added a little smoky blue texture.  Thousands of photos of Mt. Rainier abound so this will win no prize, but it's nice to
 have a peek-a boo view.Earth Wonders at Ana's Wonderland web-site...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Horizon....linked with Photo Art Friday

Experimented today with Pixlr and a photo taken from a train window on the way across the U. S. in 
2008.  You see the beginnings of fall and an almost dry Whitefish River in Montana (tried to cover up the smudged, dirty train car window ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Landscape of My Mind..Haiku Wednesday

Bathed by honeyed sun 
mountain wildflowers fill the
 landscape of my mind

Woodland  trillium
won't surrender to the rain
unlike one's heart ache

Saffron felt petals
blow against the weathered shed
seeking sacred ground

Shades of indigo
brushed with rustic green terrain 
willows wave goodbye

Nothing here but hope
and mother's love enduring
not for earth's taking

by klr

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Pelican Brief...PAF..

Not too  late.....and there are more interesting entries if you go to:  Photo Art Friday

For this week's texture art photo we were asked to create and submit an art photo using 
what we have learned about layering and use the theme of one of our favorite books..any book.  Well, I 
chose a series of law and order type books which were made into movies.   Aaron Sorkin wrote A Few Good Men and John Grisham was the author of both The Firm and The Pelican Brief.  I went with the latter, using a photo of my late father's Appellate Court law books, a photo of the scales he had in his chambers 
as a judge.  Using texture of antique lettering and a stock photo of a pelican, I put them all 
together.  I'm not used to the Pixlr site yet, but this is what I came up with today; it is 
a bit 'off' because I was used to picnik and don't have photoshop;
the editing and blending could be much better and I thought the tutorial was poor, was fun to put together;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring flowers and stained glass...

I found Tones on Tuesday -     
I've been busy...missing Macro Monday, Texture Tuesday, but maybe these will work for 
Wordless Wednesday  (that's out) or one of the other fun sites where everyone shows a sample of their photography.  Mine is still considered "beginning"  photography because one needs time at the computer to "play" and there hasn't been much of that leftover recently.   I found it interesting today , but not surprising, that the three stained glass butterflies that belonged to my mother match perfectly the colors displaying in my garden right now.  The lilac is slow this year but it certainly would fit in with the purples..and the orange geum and yellow coriopsis would fit right in here, too, but they are not blooming quite yet..then again I guess most any flower would find it's shade in them.

Here, you see bluebells, early snapdragons, bleeding heart, tulips, and pansies..and
the cornflower.  Also the very wonderful red amaryllis!
Enlarge for better view..