Friday, February 1, 2019

Dancing with the Stars

This photo was taken the other night by a local photographer.  Many captured similar results of the sunset all around the Puget Sound area.  
It fits nicely the rubaiyat form of poetry we were prompted to write today at

Dancing with the Stars

You came to me in a dream orange and indigo,

a timeless honor, an invite from eons ago.
I was wearing a violet primrose evening gown,
you, your tomato, magenta and sapphire trousseau.

Through furrowed rows of aquamarine and red bordeaux,

we waltzed to the outermost archipelago,
skipping the teal streets of bordellos and tinseltown
swaying to stereo reggae and the calypso.

We royally stole front row seats to the starlight's show,

painted the skies as if we were  Michelangelo.
We boogied beyond the early black tide at sundown,
when we slowdanced in the melting cobalt afterglow.