Monday, April 29, 2019

Haibun Monday - That Picnic


As clear as can be
is the memory -
the scenic setting of our summer mountain  picnics.
Rows of small white clouds fended off the  heat.  We followed a dirt path to the sky blue lake's edge where Indians often caught and smoked their fish.
Picking and eating berries,
it was not unheard of to spot a bear and her cubs nearby.

Huckleberry pie
scoop of vanilla ice cream,
calling geese fly by.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

I wrote this a couple of years ago but I never showed it to anyone but a small handful of friends.  It speaks for itself...a familiar sight to those who live in the White Salmon, Trout Lake area near Mt. Adams in Washington State. Now I am ready to share it here ;-)

                                                              by klr                                   Klickitat County WA

Her reclining silhouette looks up to heaven
draped in a gown of multi-hued greens,
she sleeps eternally above the golden valley

Hills of smoldering spruce form her breasts,
 new growth where her flowing lava hair
once was quarried.
Indian legend says she died of an aching heart
Gods fought for her pure love
yet she lived for no other than her young brave

The story tells how the volcanoes rumbled,
echoes of Romeo and Juliette,
immortal mountains make a true love's grave

Autumn turns her garb to silky rusts and golds,
 while hints of lime and magenta foliage 
grow next to ebony bones 

In winter she imparts warmth to those who eye her
A snowy princess in sweet repose
shy clouds cling to her feet

Springtime birds fly gladly all around
finding shelter in her terrain,
Rainbows often circle her throat

The sun and stars take turns 
shining down upon her,
Her majesty can be seen for miles

Veils of mist breathe a faint sound
One senses a slight stirring motion
as she slumbers and smiles