Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Unshiver This Night

Unshiver This Night

Long winter shadows dream together

in slow dancing candlelight.
Reverie is much sweeter 
when whispered assurances unshiver the night
“it will be alright”.

Fire kindled by innocent timber

a hundred years ago,
guarded and honed within heart’s chamber,
nurtured to grow,
lingers still in its glowing embers.

Love, worn and tested over the years,

becomes its own reward.
From nothing’s morn 
to this Christmas Day, fears, 
like icicles melt, all things achievable are born.

Monday, December 3, 2018

November Moon

November Moon

I watch the ins and outs of sandy bays
and rock coves, 
wade the shallow water of the Salish Sea.
luminated by November moon.
With every breath I take,
prepare for life without sun and water
untiI finally, I can let it be.

You, Earth, are the apple of my eye,
who deserves so much more than we
seem able to give.
My pet flavors, colors, 
favorites of everything
will to survive, to live.
This isn’t how it was meant to be,
the pulsing globe is a dying being.

In the garden of my all days, 

bees never sting,
as I reread letters he wrote from the war.
The sound of surf, the eagle’s wings
on changing driftwood winds
take the pain from my swollen heart,
tend to the swelling
in my feet.

I’d like to be a doctor of pure magic,
ride Pegasus on Intergalactic winds,
string a necklace of sweet words
scented with Plumeria and seashells,
to hang around his neck
as a blessing for
for all I learned from him.