Thursday, July 20, 2017

FYI...The Minute Poem


While I was in the nail salon
all was foegone
for today's curse
keeps getting worse

Gals spoke of suicide among
the very young
Preyed upon
by anyone

It happens almost anywhere
they wait in lair
to bully those
in fragile throws

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Window with a view..

The prompt for dversepoets  
 is to write about windows.

                       by klr 2013

I love windows with a view -
spend much of my life observing from them,   daydreaming through them,
in my mind's eye from within them...
of one day..
sitting, looking out at a rainy Paris street scene.
I've never been there, you see... to look out a castle window at white cliffs towering by a foggy Irish sea.
I loved the ordinary backyard view of chickens in old Mexico, hearing mariachis, a lovely rose garden and caves in Extramadura. I've opened a window to hear the soothing song of Hawaii's waves, to see her sunsets.
I remember looking through old wavy glass windows of an old homestead house, could see history, the memories residing therein...a Christmas dinner cooking on a stove, potato peelings, jarred pickles, and quince preserves on the table. Candles in the windows welcomed carolers from the cold.
Stories are embedded in those wavy glass windows and thick walls, of births, birthdays, illness and death. They do not distort the truth.
I used to look out my upstairs bedroom window with a sash, see bold visions of myself climbing into the Big Dipper, sailing boats of nursury rhymes in the night skies.
From the kitchen window with Twinings tea, cup in hand, I've seen raindrops hit, fall, and puddle together over and over again, cats sleeping on their sills.

Windows open to many worlds, their framework a place for masterpieces of art in everyday living theater in the round.
Through the portals of windows, doors, the keyhole of my imagination is unlocked,
leading me beyond the beyond to the unknown yet uncannily familiar future.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Wings of grace... Quadrille #36

Having gifted himself to the world, not racing to win
...finishing his journey...
arriving fulfilled,
he bravely hurdled obstacles stout rusty under-armor,
character true.
His weary wings lift off
life's end post....
flickering into paradise's mystery hush,
weeping hearts
letting him go.

For the first prompt after a two week break, I wrote a 44 word Quadrille using the word "flicker".