Friday, January 29, 2016

Imagism - teascape

dVerse Poets Pub

Rattling kettle, spitting steam,
boiling water poured
for pleasing company;
infusion of flavours
from orchard to dynasty,
afternoon libation,
reading of leaves
served with silent steps

Staple of sustenance
of the bourgeois,
or traditional twinings
sipped from dainty
porcelain cups;
accompaniments - of course,
lemon, jam and cream
Drinking tea leads to good health,
and thinking with more clarity

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tied to trees..

dVerse Today the prompt from Grace is to write ecopoetry which is supposed to set the mood for change, an impetus for changing one's thinking without it being a debate or political writing..dealing with nature of course.

Infinitely small tremblings,
borne of gases,
stirred earth's primal soil;
crying, pulsating from
the cradle of life's beginnings,
you sprang from mossy
bogs, caverns,
where nested fungi,
microscopic life forms
Nursed by our ancient planet,
you were cast, died, and transplanted,
caught in a perfect celestial
pattern, a species
in a class all your own

It was more than just
a fold in time -
when you became giants;
fibrous ribbons in circles
accrued in you;
your fingertips finally reached
the patches of blue you sought
Guardians of our way of life,
you stood in foothills,
along America's river banks
Exhaling into the vastness,
constant and true,
you met every storm

Villages survived when
Eucalyptus held ground;
children learned from you
Strength was measured in
your numbers,
your statuesque image revered
all over the world,
now all deemed in peril.
Man's destruction leaves a
barren wilderness,
a hellish nightmare
of the worst kind
Hearts bleed for you
when you scream and claw
the last soil at your roots

What happened to the great notion
to protect those who also protect?
Trees with mulling scents,
gone from under the wayward moon, 
where in your still sanctuary, 
I hovered- and for 
our deep-seated
bosom relationship,
developed over time,
there are no words 
to describe our loss -
when palpable souls, 
within skins of nature,
once hummed with growth - 
and were an assembly of kings

Monday, January 18, 2016


From Bjorn today over at is a challenge to write a quadrille. There are two stipulations: that the word dance be used as a verb with an object, and to be written in exactly
44 words. Well I was up for a challenge.

Wearing her pink felt hat
among leafy bract,
under yellowing sky -
she arcs her arm, waving at passersby
Perfect lace creations fall, dance around,
become her veil and wedding gown
Bending to converse with another lower bloom,
she discovers in deep snow the groom

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Honeysuckle vine..

Happy New Year all! It is a new beginning for d'Verse Poets and out first prompt is offered by Kelly. It is to write about scents that linger.                                                            

Honeysuckle roots,
milked oxygen from rich soil,
nursed by a willow
tree nearby, gave birth to blooms, 
exhaled rose-scented fragrance 

Recall a corsage,
shadowed petals pink and white, 
opened by sweet youth,
heaven's nectar to seduce 
bees and buoyant hummingbirds