Thursday, October 27, 2016

Little Big Horn, Revisited..

The challenge today is to write using futurism and onomatopoeia in expressing our anger about what we want changed in the world. The main idea is to use tyopography and expletives for interest and emphasis...a bit difficult for me.


                                                                                                             painting by Charles M. Russell

At dawn, a warble
or cock-a-doodle-doo
The screech of a night owl,
a whoo-whooo...
Nightly thumpety-thumps
of coyote or deer stealing nearby,
splish-splashes of men fishing,
soft whispers between women working
For hundreds of years the indigenous 
knew nature's sounds
Smoke signals reigned as mass media  
Life was hard but peaceful -
before the bitter, bloody battles 
when the white man came to town,
before the murder of Sitting Bull,
before progress and
the Dakota Access Pipeline

Escalating winds
 carried echoes of angry men 
 Standing Rock Sioux filed law suits
"Freedom means safe water,
keeping our sacred land!" 
"Halt this building of the pipeline!!
..they proclaimed,
Promises broken, 
sacred land desecrated, 
not to mention more land and gold 
taken from "them thar Black Hills!!"
and building a daunting dam where 
once were only sharp chicken scratches 
and ancient petriglifs
"This stinks!!" locals yelled
Everyday life now,
interrupted by out-of-towners -
the clip-clop of horse's hooves,
the crunching of boots in dirt and rocks
silenced by traffic tie-ups, "HONK, HONK!!"
Police came from out of state;
helicopters whirred in
"They keep upping the ante!"
exclaim the supporting tribes
Tensions mount on both sides

It's not just the fish sizzling in the pan!
Fake photos and lies posted on social media;
"It's a dog and pony show!!"
Phffffst - pepper spray and ZING -
painful tazers 
"There's going to be a battle!!"
Jesse says:  
"It's environmental racism
 at it's worst!"
"Little time to react if there is a leak,"
say the Sioux
Preserving their history 
has been scissored and ground between 
millstones of greed and corruption,
The Sioux are not on the warpath 
(stereotypical bullshit)  yet, 
but it could come to that - 
only by standing up for their right 
to clean, safe water

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lunch with Metallica..not what you think...

Lunch with Metallica ..not what you think..

Midmorning sun slants
through the dusty window pane
onto a red tableclothed table
I'm drawn to sit there 
for the garden view outside
Water served in a corked bottle,
white napkin, "Let it Be" on the CD

Scents of freshly baked 
savory pies hang under my nose, 
drift into autumn air
I squint out at Giant sunflower heads
set against outstretched blue sky;
newly mowed fields lead my eye
to the mirrored duck pond

A cup of green tea 
served steaming in front of me,
a slice of  warm loganberry pie,
two dollops of vanilla ice cream
sandwiched between buttery crusts
Against the barn wall,
dusty pink roses still blooming

Outside, two dragonflies
dance up to the glass,
agile movers between sun and leafy
shadows, jewels blinding me
Teal sequined bodies shimmer, 
Darting back and forth, 
Anisoptera wings maneuver into
a holding pattern

Finding me,
emerald eyes seem intent on
studying me,lingering curiously, hovering,
Mermaid-like, their iridescence dazzles me
Earthmates, we commune for an instant
Then, they dash away across
the mirrored pond

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