Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lunch with Metallica..not what you think...

Lunch with Metallica ..not what you think..

Midmorning sun slants
through the dusty window pane
onto a red tableclothed table
I'm drawn to sit there 
for the garden view outside
Water served in a corked bottle,
white napkin, "Let it Be" on the CD

Scents of freshly baked 
savory pies hang under my nose, 
drift into autumn air
I squint out at Giant sunflower heads
set against outstretched blue sky;
newly mowed fields lead my eye
to the mirrored duck pond

A cup of green tea 
served steaming in front of me,
a slice of  warm loganberry pie,
two dollops of vanilla ice cream
sandwiched between buttery crusts
Against the barn wall,
dusty pink roses still blooming

Outside, two dragonflies
dance up to the glass,
agile movers between sun and leafy
shadows, jewels blinding me
Teal sequined bodies shimmer, 
Darting back and forth, 
Anisoptera wings maneuver into
a holding pattern

Finding me,
emerald eyes seem intent on
studying me,lingering curiously, hovering,
Mermaid-like, their iridescence dazzles me
Earthmates, we commune for an instant
Then, they dash away across
the mirrored pond

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  1. Sweet moment in time, so well rendered here... Lovely writing Kathy and a nice way for me to finish... With Best Wishes Scott

  2. Yummy:
    "A cup of green tea
    served steaming in front of me,
    a slice of warm loganberry pie,
    two dollops of vanilla
    ice cream"

    I love the way you described the dragonflies.

  3. You've set a scene with images, tastes and sounds that makes me want to come and visit for tea. I have had these encounters with dragonflies. I do find them to be curious and interactive. Love the way you describe them.

  4. You have always, through your poetry, shared your domicile as a magic garden--which it may be, but even if it's not, the place, the life you describe is incredibly beautiful, gossamer & rife with fairies. Thanks for this slice of pie & dollop of life.

  5. Oh, what a wonderful poem and what wonderful descriptions of your life at this point in time. I love the loganberry pie and the sunflowers and the dragonflies...and the fairies.

  6. Love how you describe those dragonflies... and also the mood in which you watch them

  7. I am hungry reading what you are eating Kathy ~ Love the details of the dragonflies and the communing with nature's gems, our earthmates ~

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous !!❤️💖

  9. Oh Kathy, I just lost myself in this poem!

  10. oh i love dragonflies and how cool a moment you shared - sounds so peaceful..

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