Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Enchantment of June

After a hiatus from my muse,  I thought I'd attempt this week's prompt over at dversepoets.com 
where we are writing in response to one of Jaqueline Hurlbert's expressions of art and another reality.

Enchanted June

I am Summer emerging,
full of possibilities 
for peace, for caring,
dreaming in colors of Tuscany.

The enchantment of June's
warm rain,
with flowers in full bloom,
when yellow monarchs swoon.

Unspoken words loom,
and hearts not broken croon.
Let go of conflicts, neuroses,
rename the planets' moons.

Find your Huckleberry Finn.
or ride a bike smiling.
Unchain your melody,
love being all you can be.