Tuesday, July 31, 2012

French Door Reflection...

My contribution to today's Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub - where we are to 
share a tale that should not be forgotten - is simply a few moments in time, the tale left more to the imagination. In my mind for some time, it needed to be written and 
put on paper so to speak...I hope it fits with the theme...

In my reflection 
no blemishes can be found
Only peachy soft sunlight

Wavy glass panes guard
my vulnerability
Empty porch swing waits 

Imperfections lost
unless you peer deep inside
Past the netted screen

Double doors ajar
rusty hinges whine in, out
Gloaming falls on me

Raspberry gold beams
widen my ready spread arms
To your twilight song

Almost home at last
boots faithfully rest on stoop
How fortunate I

Knowing you know me 
reflected in your eyes now
Eve's far from over

by klr

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Middle of things...

Word prompt for  Join the fun!    is 'middle'...

My computer screen
where cat likes to stretch herself
in the middle of things

Being the oldest
is harder than siblings know
Toss the first pancake

Mad Myra murmurs
makes middling money mincing
more mellow mushrooms

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art and meaning....

This week's Haiku Heights challenge is the word 'meaning'

To me  Frida Kahlo's kitchen table symbolizes how much we center our lives around art
......and whether we know it or not, without it we might die..perhaps that is a stretch, but I don't think so when we think of the myriad forms of art we partake of everyday. We indulge ourselves with it.  No need for me to mention the ubiquitous sources of our pleasures as well as our consternation.  This started as one haiku and grew
a bit in length by the time I was satisfied...I think Diego would agree ;-).

Art means nourishment
 Steaming spirits deep inside
leap onto canvas

Its breath sustains us
wrought of sweet tribulation
drawn from sanguine bone
 Magnificent works
Sculpted, writ, measured, designed 
 fired into substance

Steeped bare essentials
Suffer the earth to drink God's
 fragrant cup of tea

by klr

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More daisies...

flowerartfridayA last minute posting for  Flower Art Friday ...more daisies, as I posted one on Photo Art Friday yesterday; but this is an experiment which obviously shows I need more practice with textures.  I just threw this together...far from looking like the other professional photos here...but I like a good critique now and then ;-)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daisy glow...

For  Photo Art Friday  I chose the daisy with the finer petals that I'm fond of.  They glow at night without a moon out...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First ...haiku challenge

Sharing with:   Haiku Heights

For two centuries
since democracy's cradle
we've fought bigotry

New stellar icon
graces world in symphony
She's our First Lady

by klr

Sunday, July 15, 2012

French Twist...Cinema ..poem in honor of Le Quatorze Juillet

This is my first time submitting to http://dversepoets.com.  dVerse Poets PubMy muse was nudged when this week's theme
 caught my eye.  Spanish is my forte, but lately I've the urge to learn French, see France, am attracted to French decor. My poetry form of choice is a series of haiku.  And after, if you like, take a look at three new French movies worth seeing HERE in honor of Bastille Day..

I used to pretend I lived in a high clock tower in Provence, surrounded by countryside amidst fields of 
windmills and poppies.  Sewing red, white, and bleu French knots, where nuns flew with aplomb, in another life, by the sea.

"Cinema Francois"

Impressed upon me
since nineteen fifty seven
cinema Francois
My French connection
began with The Red Balloon
then Francois Truffaut

Madeline's bold scar
long dark mustache of Clouseau
and Brigit Bardot
Gene Kelly emerged 
choreographed a dance troupe
Les Girls in Paris

 Les Miserables 
 poignant oppressed legacy
in theatres soon
Crystallized onscreen
Joan', Cosette and Josephine
epic heroines

Cyrano, Legrand
 plush seats, awards, Belle de Jour
  Cannes Film festival
New romance blossomed 
in A Man and a Woman 
goosebumps from Louis

Newman played the blues
 Jordan sang with Chevalier
came demure Denueve
  In Paris' bleu rain
  walked Dietrich and Miss Caron
Jack N. sings La Mer

New luminaries
Marion channels Piaf
Juliette plays nurse
Achieving applause
The Esprit of Depardieu
Kline in a French Kiss

The Triumph of France
not toast, duvets or French fries
Vive Chocolat!
Je t' amie Woody
Now we've Midnight in Paris 
Time to leave my chez

Grab my umbrella
don my indigo beret
looking for Cezanne

by klr

French Twist...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heat Haiku..as in William Hurt..

                 Sharing with  Haiku Wednesday and recuerda_mi_corazon

Sensational Haiku WednesdayGoyocombinghair300_jpg_w300h416rs3

For some reason my mind went directly to the movie "Body Heat" with William Hurt and 
Kathleen Turner, a re-make of "Double Indemnity", I believe.  There is a provocative scene with them on 
her terrace, similar to the one below, only dozens of  wind chimes are tinkling eerily as in an Alfred Hitchcock movie..

Approaching the night
 deep layers of orange blossoms 
fuse with linen scent

Lit paper lanterns
sway in the nocturnal breeze
glass capiz shells chime

Sultry daphne pairs 
with summertime soft blue notes
body heat rising

Waltzing me around
beyond the fountained terrace 
under lunar beams

Pool water ruffles 
touching places in my soul 
borne of the season

by klr

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Vital" words & Nature's pink wild rose...

Today I am linking up with 2 different challenges .. first is             
 and   kimklassencafe.com with a photo art postcard designed using one of her textures, deardreamer and a personal message.  The pink rose is from my yard,  is faded for the theme of her prompt, "Natural", for which there are so many options.  For Leo's    Haiku Heights          I wrote a haiku for the word "Vital" to describe the motivation behind the card...I hope I disconnected the word verification step as suggested ;-)

by klr

Circumstance arose
Vital as blood in my veins
Urge to convey thoughts

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Architecture ...Vintage 1891 home..

This weekend's prompt for Bonnie's Photo Art Friday is the word 'architecture' of which you will find many amazing photos to peruse on her web-site.  The sepia tones and a few other minor steps and this is what it looks like...

 Early pioneer, merchant, and sailor E. R. Rogers settled in 
Steilacoom , Washington in 1863.  For his wife, Catherine, he built this mansion in 1891.  
Over the years it had several owners, was a boarding house for many, and most notably became 
renowned for it's elegant restaurant simply 
called E. R. Rogers'. 

Pixel Dust Photo Art
 The beautiful facade and interior have been restored to the period by caring historians.  It sits on a hill overlooking Puget Sound and it's islands and ferries.  The community boasts many treasures from the early pioneers who first lived and traded here in 
their Historical Museum.

Friday, July 6, 2012

True love..beneath tree boughs..

This was intended for another haiku challenge, the word prompt being 'True'..again I was slow 
to get finished in time to post...I like the exercise, so to speak, so it keeps me in practice...

Beneath tree boughs low
Love me tender love me true
picnic tableau spread

 Golden rings exchanged
veritable dreams begat 
  our dear family

by klr

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fireworks..Independence .. July 4, 2012...

Liberty bells rang
Crowds reveling in spirit
Fireworks kissed night sky

Courage through bloodshed
in seventeen- ninety- two
screw unfair taxes

by klr

'Natural'....Haiku Wednesday...

Our prompt this week for the Haiku Wednesday challenge is 'Natural'

No sugar or bread
eat only lean meats and fish
All natural foods

Avoid soy, dairy
Yoga each day for balance
Learn to meditate

Organic everything
mind and body care

Herbs and supplements
Hemp and bamboo products too
Spas and pilates

Holistic acupuncture
Past lives therapy

Eat fruit for wellness
Enhance your immune system
Stave off all disease

Purified water
No artificial added
Recycle - live green

Health is our reward
Environmental stewards
when we choose to move

All the above cues
provide  lots of prevention
I have far to go...
                                                did I mention???

by klr

Confidence.. Haiku...

Having missed the cut off time for last week's challenge at Sensational Haiku Wednesday, I still want to share it as I had finished it, but it is not being posted to Jenn's web-site.  Thank you for stopping by anyway, if you do ;-) and critiquing it if you like.            
                                                                            The Golden Valley

My world by design
Had I confidence back then  
would be otherwise

Had I the vision
To build bridges not burn them
taking the high road 

Shouldering a cross 
My manifest destiny
could have been altered 

Trading up from strife
Continuity in life
peace being the prize

by klr

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Painterly piece of digital art..with quote...

Photo Art Friday
I have been working on this for some time.  Between problems with the old computer and not 
taking many tutorials on texture, going by what I've learned as I've been blogging along here, this is 
what I came up with. The idea began with a quote challenge, but I was not ready.  I first superimposed the image of the woman in Berthe Morisot's impressionistic painting, Reading (1874)  and a gramophone separately onto the scene (which is a view from my back yard looking south across the creek). \

 Using a "painterly finesse" texture of Bonnie's and then a Shakespearean texture, I tried to blend or fade them into one.  I erased the area where I wanted the focus because the various settings of opacity (overlay, multiply, normal,)  that I tried did not give me the desired result.......either too much light, not enough, or loss of lettering. I am using Pixlr only right now since Picnk closed, where I knew how to get the desired effect.   Then, of course, I added a 
favorite quote.  It's  a learning process...but it's fun to see ideas materialize 
on canvas, albeit digital ;-)  BTW, I won't be able to comment on other 'painters' blogs until tomorrow.