Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Harbingers of Spring

Harbingers of Spring

Emerging harbingers of spring
have begun - 
returning birdsong,
the stretching of days,
slow smile of the sun.

Racing thoughts scatter
to the scent of a China moon.
Rain abides for fools...
the glance of
a dream lover -

Narcissus croon.

Born of the side of a stem,
buds of silky fur pussy willow,
the bleating of 
prancing new lambs
in green pillowed meadows,
and me -
stepping lightly.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Au Revoir

This month at dversepoets Bjorn has offered us a Sonnet challenge. Many poets struggle with writing Sonnet form, myself included.  Part of the difficulty comes in working with the meter and rhyme scheme.  I chose the Petrarchan Sonnet form...abab abab cde cde..with a pretext statement or problem and the resulting change or solution.

Au Revoir

Hopeful hearts rise and fall, undulate, sway,
revolving doors of full blown joy and pain.
Tangled in life's elegant human chain,
bloodied, tested by snags along the way.

Harder lessons living with shame and blame,
heady dreams impossible to sustain.
On bitter wings we lift to fly away,
need for healing by soft, delicate rain.

Lost in the amethyst eye of the storm,
archangels wrap their wings around our fears,
we follow our one reappearing star.

Finding repose amidst our Milky Way home,
the love inside through billions of light years,
we take with us in sweetest au revoir.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Art on My Wall

What is on your wall?

Wall Hanging

This basket creation recalls a primitive time,
embedded in my heart of hearts,
It signifies a previous era,
and even though I was not there,
only a twinkle in my parents' eyes,
it yet imparts
exist in a future sense.

Another tense,
a timelessness.

Why does it impress me so,
when in time, I too,
will be long gone?
Perhaps, to know that I am,
is all, and there is evidence
from whence I came
which is strong,
I am immortalized.

A Patch of Blue

It is Haibun Monday and "January" is the prompt.

A Patch of Blue

Gulls still nest in the thicket on the lane by the old beach house, the walls wherein I spent my childhood days. The cherry orchard muffles the sound of waves.  Each year I return to the small beach town and revisit the past and restore my soul. On this particular day, morning fog parts to a patch of blue. I am exhilarated as I walk the four blocks to buy coffee.

It rarely snows at the ocean, but in January the ubiquitous wetness and cold combine with gale winds to create a blistering sleet.  Most days are marked by dark clouds meeting the horizon, the sea and sky and pavement, all darker shades of cheerless grey. Of all the hours in a day, only a few are actual daylight, so it might as well be night.

Sitting by a fire ablaze, open book on my lap, I see the hallway where we used to slide across the floor in stocking feet, the bench seat in which we used to hide. I see loved ones rapping on the door, arriving to welcoming arms. My senses are  aroused by familiar, easy surroundings,  the fresh smell of  linens on the beds, the reckless feel of gritty sand on the floor, and the sound of hungry birds calling  overhead. Over time, one becomes set in his ways. January is full of the past, much in the present, and offers hints of the future.

All I've ever been,
The sea's where I want to be.
All I am is here