Friday, July 20, 2018

Every Day

We are writing septets today at dversepoets 

Every Day

Bouncing bird notes of Robin's song

wipe sleep from sunflower eyes.

Awakening yarrow and cabbage rows yawn.

Sand through the hourglass pours our hellos and goodbyes.

Sun's fingertips read the Braille of the valley of sighs,

and trace the outline of clouds in rose gold.

In my arms, for better or worse, your image I hold.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Quadrille #60 Summer's Prize

Summer's Prize

Ewes laze in shadows 
of elms.
July's butterflies 
ride a sweet lavender wind.
Satchel totes bread, cheese,  
and wine,
paper and pen.
I lust for berries from the vine,

By the lake I find my niche, 
sit on a blanket,
absorb the view, and write 
to satisfy the creative itch.

dversepoets  Using the word 'itch'..