Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wind Dance

Wind Dance

A rising sun plays with intricate handywork created by
dew and garden spiders.
Rain reveals arrays of shimmering rainbows.
Angel hair tresses of fog 
settle thinly in the valley.
In meadows sleeping between
white mountain peaks.

I walk slopes in hues fuchsia, yellow, 
midnight blue and wine.
Ankle deep in wildflowers and

Gusts of wind blow
the scarf around my neck and chin
against my face,
stinging me.
Leaves spiralling perform their wild wind dance
Stunning are the willow trees,
A cold worn barn
fades in the sun,
backdrop to a newly plowed
espresso field.
Neglected Scarecrows wear
shredded blue jeans,
lean on bales of hay.
Birds and brown squirrels scurry to safe places.

Early summer air bears the scent
of berry pie.
Time lags as I watch
the sun complete its daily arc to
set behind the mountain silhouette.
My long shadow cast across the meadow
and disappears in the night.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Earth's Achey Heart

Today, Frank re-introduces the form of the Chaucerian stanza or rhyme royal.

  Earth's Achey Heart

There is danger in our fears lying still,
people trembling in cold  trenches under
tumbling skies, in soaking rain's steady drill,
homes flattened, tattered land torn asunder,
high winds butting heads with rolling thunder
People trying to gather their shredded lives,
ease the pain of scorched flesh, the meaning of shallow lies.

Poltical rhetoric out of date,
promises, burnt to carbon crumpled leaves
Affairs of state we must repudiate
Fiery alcoves melt vinyl memories,
With living trees, replace hypocrisies

What profit a man to know
this is true?
Earth is where I share my loving with you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Send in the Cavalry

At today, it's about what is in our refrigerators.....this I painted some time ago, thinking I could use it someday with a poem....

Red leaf lettuce, a lemon, apple, organic peas
Gone are the essential eggs, skim milk, and condiments
Must haves include peanut butter, veggies, and cottage cheese,
fruits, nuts, and non GMO bread

Preoccupied with news of hurricanes, fires, our pernicious President,
I am struck by how much we take  food for granted.
When kneeling is, to my mind, a prayer for change and resilience;
in dire times, it stands for gratitude for volunteers, supplies, water, medicine,
Did our grandparents not  scrimp and save,
rationing during WWII?
What are our plans for surviving disaster, the psychology of salvaging vs prejudice,
not simply making do?