Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Candyland Street

Use the name of a street for inspiration.

The taste of bitter chocolate brings back memories of unrequited love.
It happened that day, a matter of fact,
on Candyland Street where he was taken aback.
And if by some chance they again do meet,
will his heart soften and fall to his feet?
Will her sweet face melt his suit of armor,
on Candyland Street, where he once charmed her.
Will he rise above the urge to kiss her peppermint lips, fight off all elements  resembling anything like love?
Would he find safety on the corner of 5th Avenue and Milky Way,
or meet another at the intersection of Hershey Street and Licorice  Lane?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sounds of Silence

Frank offers today's Haibun theme -  "silent sounds".  We are to comment on the  internal chatter going on, which we hear, qbut has no sound.

As suspected, after cutting the cable tv cord, I feel differently.  No more background noise leads me to live vicariously othes' lives via various favorite channels. Also, I am without wifi for a time.  An introvert, I'm used to keeping myself company and entertain myself quite nicely. However, I am more acutely aware of nature alone interrupted by noises I make. Intangibly, sounds of silence are amplified in matters of the heart, the substance of every day living.

Untrained ears and eyes are struck by beating waves and sparkling reflections of sun on water.  Profound changes are wrought by having fresh conversations with the wind, letting ideas drive through clogged highways of the brain, and sifting memories time and again.
More pours in so more may be given out. The world didn't collapse.

Melting lava flows

I quiver as plum skies fall -
worth a thousand words

Monday, May 7, 2018

My Life is a Muddle

Today's Quadrille 

My Life is a Muddle

My life is a spectacular muddle, in complete disarray. My thoughts jumbled, inspiration creates chaos sprung at light of day.  I'm accustomed to confusion, disorder, immense imblogio.  Most disturbing,  I've elevated the tangled mess of my state of affairs to an art, but it's me.