Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How is your life aligned?

At today we are writing in response to photographer  Emily Blincoe's project,  "Arrangements"  Please check out the rest of her art on her website.

Interpretation of art
is very personal
I love how similar objects
beg to be arranged.
Each photo is its own

Images invoke certain feelings,
memories, touch a nerve,
categorized by themes
For instance,                                                                 
Picasso had his blue period,
Warhol his extremes

Musicians may express
themselves in theory only,
Graphic artists in basic
Impressionist are more
focused aesthetically

An artist's eye for color and hue,
juxtaposition and shape
appealing is the affinity with order;
beauty is in the positioning

Balance is crucial,
colors in rainbows aligned
Like next to like,
a story is told
yet differences abide

I, myself, fall into
a more abstract category,
or random gatherings
No, not chaos, nor rigid form;
more, in a clump,
a state of upheaval,
naturally found, in its own way,
sublimely divine


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Collaborative Haiku 

With bright red-cropped hat  
through green leaves staring at me
Pecker find old tree

Three Clerihews

At today we are asked to write as a challenge, a Clerihew, a poetic form invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (187 5 - 1956)  It is a short and fun biographical verse with two rhyming couplets.

       Amal married George Clooney
       He certainly is no gooney
       She wears tailored two piece suits
       Her persona was enough to seduce


       Most traveled was Marco Polo
       He sailed and explored the world solo
       From his escapades inspiration was drawn
       What women did he discover in the land of Khan?


        Oh, how I loved Santa Claus,
        his rosy cheeks and schnozz
        Always jolly, in his red suit ate popcorn
        His whiskers like a snowstorm