Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polar Bear Plunge...

January 1 is the day each year
some find it invigorating to dive
into water's freezing temperatures 
...I for one am not opposed to the jump
I've registered my bib number today
What harm can it do to immerse oneself
to stimulate the body's blood flow - yikes! 
All for a good cause and a tradition
drawn from that of northern Europeans
My question is if cameras are allowed -
it seems one of the rules is nudity
On a short beach, nothing to hide behind? 
Helicopters hover above the bay?
No thanks, I'm a chicken liver and will
withdraw my name in the blink of a shiver

To be fair, I believe this may not be true ;)  Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Rock, paper, scissors...

Sleepy lids close like dull curtains
awareness changes to deep REMs                         
I am sitting on Saturn's rings
  feeling like mercury sliding
traveling supersonic speeds,
  seems like millions of miles per hour;
 luscious drops of lemon frosting
   landing on my extended tongue 
while toes prance balancing the edge
  of space, smiling stars greeting me
while painted planets deliver 
  everyday birthdays on moonbeams,
benevolent rays of spun gold,
 glittering orbs of platinum                                             

Then abruptly I am frozen,
  halted from that jettisoned state 
a motionless gold panned nugget
  from warm silk to solid cold rock,
feeling free on that steely ride,
  then becoming a naked knot
of ore in a finished train crash
  becoming solid asteroid
Fearful of this recurring dream,
  I awoke crumpled in my bed,
 got up, went to my mother's room -
I couldn't tell her where I'd been
  I was the earth's cold beginning
before it's fire lit deep inside -
  How I became the smooth lava
flowing from where the earth first stirred
  Then how suddenly turned into
solid  unsculpted stone statue 
  with extraordinary knowledge
of how it actually feels 
to be inanimate, yet still
  have a range of human feelings
catatonic, without a voice
Recalling those childhood nightmares
 when into mother's room I ran,
to be comforted, but instead
  they returned again and again         
In this life full of conundrums
  are we to learn just how things end..                               
except what good and evil lurk
  in labyrinths of complexity?
What is the point to be made if
  there's no reason for anything? 
Will we find that illusive peace?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The air is full of Christmas....

Christmas spirit gladdens the air;
multiple Charley horses

kept me awake last night,
and sniffles 
-due to cold weather?
..reason some head south for 
the winter
Yesterday I had a raffle ticket 
in my purse; could win $1000,
to be announced at 1:00 pm.
First to the Holiday Market, 
then to the drawing, in time, 
in spite of myself!

Arrived at the red barn,
herbal smells of soup du jour 
mingled with of scents of cut
greenery, handmade candles,
fresh pies for sale;
unrushed, I found a handwoven gift,
encountering only
holiday good will, friendliness
People gathered to hear the winning 
number - wasn't mine, but who knew,
it was worth the trip 
I bought seeds from 
the The Chocolate Flower                          Farm Shop, 
entered the Gallery where 
local artwork sold
Hot coffee took away the chill,
down a lane and alleyway,
decorated with many  lights, 
I walked to Studio 106; 
reverie spilled 
from a wine tasting room. 
Main Street doors artfully decked 
brightened sidewalks 
as day turned to dusk
I drove the seven miles across
scenic farmland,
sprinkled with lights;
passed through tall misty evergreens
No mail today.. and so it goes,  
will arrive eventually
Snug as a bug in a rug; 
 now to bake Grandma Eva's 
gumdrop bread, 
presents to wrap, hour'derves to make,
on Christmas Day to take
to my daughter's.
 I will catch an early ferry
in the morning,
help her prepare for company;
blessed are we this Christmas Eve,
on the brink of 2014,
Christmas is in the air

Friday, December 20, 2013

winter solstice / driftwood dreams

cold clear day, sunny beach,                                            
ears frozen -                
just yesterday;
sugar coated earth, trees, 
two inches fell from heaven
 warmer  tomorrow -
 where driftwood logs
 hug grassy paths,                                                                  
 footprints of tiny hurried feet                                              
 disappear with high tide;                                                                                                               
                                           aware I am 
                                           of ripples in time -                  
                                           i feel the world pivoting                 
                                           from it's heart's fulcrum;
 i am dreamily caught in
 time's stunning, hushed, ancient measure..

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nets....a story..

The old sailor secured lines and anchor                                          
of the wooden boat built with his own hands
He had honed his skills at his father's side,
learned to speak an uncommon language
Cold salt water penetrated his face as 
he trudged up the hill in the mud,
deliberately and walked to the temple
by the sea's edge.
Home safe from the sea on prayers and amens
from villagers and families,
the fishermen, drenched and exhausted,
entered the building to light candles.
In remembrance they lit them one by one -
 for those who met their deep fate
in shipwrecks long before, in mightier boats than his
Hundreds lit candles that night before him;
as he put his next on the alter,
he knelt on his knees, bowed his head
in prayer
A choir sang 'Hallelujah'
Purposely he made the long walk home
His house was built in a glen of yew trees,
by a carpenter who once roamed the
countryside, a man who quietly suffered
great anguish and taught him how to fish
He remembers how many men gathered
for dinner when his father spoke; people
came from everywhere to hear him
He remembered his mother's tears,
hidden behind her cloak
Putting the boy on his knee his father
had told him how to live -
"...feeding souls is my purpose in life and
fishing is your trade...I am the net for
all men's safety in their struggles in life -
you are the seed from which faith will grow."
He had looked deep into his father's eyes,
 saw his own bright light of being reflected
therein.  The man replied  "Always be grateful,
faithful and kind;  you will fill my heart with joy"
And then he said, "and remember how we played -
you are my one and only boy"

This is the last prompt for writers over at dversepoets.com  - and Mary kindly asks us to make an offering of a poem of candles, light or any form of illumination that has to do with commemorating the season in any way..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wood smoke...

....yesterday began with
a purchase at a copying store;
after, I bought gas, and coffee
as an eye opener                                                                  
Driving then to the little beach
to find sea shells to make
ornaments  -
presents for family,
mussel and clam shells angels
with a glue gun
Then I looked above the frosty
banks of the bay;
two eagles circled each other in play
A sailboat's mast became their perch,
December's sun reflected off
their snow white feathered coverage
Ice blue sky heralded pristine farmlands
in the distance, pink cotton candy clouds
brimmed with sugar sweetness -
our winter's cold   creating clarity
Water lazily lisped ashore at my boots;
unseen currents carry the salmon below,
and the eagles, to and fro,
taking them wherever they must go
Then I came home to decorate the porch -
(oh my, the tangle in the string of lights)
and to hang a huge paper snowflake...
All done in short order, "Festive enough,"
I say, with the 3 foot tree in the window,
 "I'll take a break! "

There upon arrived a spontaneous invitation,
I wrapped a scarf around my neck and
put on my gloves and walked
 a short distance -
to a gathering place in the woods;
the light in the window welcomed me.
There stood an old tool shed; neighbors
 sat inside around a small wood stove,
Snug quarters - a tiny lit Christmas tree
sat on a shelf, next to old pots and pans,
 oil cans, barrels and stools to sit on
My eyes took in the old collectables,
tools, and a small frig,
my ears the radio's Christmas music
And while I listened to stories
(said to be based on fact, real and true ;-)
we drank hot toddies, just visiting,
toasted 'cheers' to the night, and
to the holidays.
 Warm and delicious the drink,
the fire and the company..
just us old hippies..
And so it went; now it seemed to me
a current was also carrying me,...
through each moment of each hour
 of every day, as it should be...

Today we are writing of hearth or home using familiar common speech...with Gay Cannon at dversepoets.com

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Advent's meaning..

Love amidst the snow is falling                                                                 
Christmas time is here once again 
green garlands greet friends gathering
"Trim your hearth and set your table"
Gentle gifts, consideration
awareness of those less able

Advent calendars speak of time

paper windows count the days
of anticipation and hope
Father Christmas's stories told
by the fireside unhurried
of three ships and a lost angel,
illustrations most delightful

A crescent Clair de Lune on high

midnight song and candle lighting;
Hang wreaths of rose hips and fir
recycle your tree for a smaller foot print 
feed the birds, blessings to all 
around the globe - show you care


Gingerbread houses and paper
snowflakes; life is not make believe
goodness is man's second nature
perhaps war is ultimately 
unnecessary.  The mentally ill
spill out of facilities                                                                                                                          
Catalogs celebrating toys retail 
wonder of homemade cards, stockings
give way to hunger games played out
dolls, toys, and nutcrackers smiling
party's guest sold wrong Christmas Story
Mischievous elves and Polar bears
borne out of fantasies ideal
naive Alice waits for St. Nick
and a partridge and doves a pair
sought solace in opium's kick
Lanterns spread light across the snow
and people know what is enough
frugality and dignity speak to those who know
Victor Hugo's Les Miserables -
lessons in poverty's sadness
for all donations not given,
miracles can prevent madness

Advent or Alice and Wonderland - which would you write about? 
We can even combine them today per Claudia at dversepoets.com I chose to compare the pros and cons of the Christmas season as we count down to Christmas Eve.



Friday, December 6, 2013

Lips...and eyes...55 words

   Handsome hands  
encircled the cup -
then pushed back his 
tweed hat,
thick salt and peppery 
his sculpted lips 
sipped coffee, 
moistening his silver mustache -
 when "fine lovemaking" 
came to mind
His jaw tightened -
 my body 
creamy crimson
Our eyes locked, 
"soul mate";
I knew I was going to 
marry him

Today we are writing 55 words, no more no less