Thursday, October 27, 2011

Downward dahlia!

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She was in a large dahlia garden belonging to the owner of a house on a corner when I drove by.  I stopped and got out of the car; the woman was wearing an apron and was down on her knees pulling weeds with very long roots.  I told her how pretty her yard looked and asked if I could take a picture.  She said many had stopped in late summer to take pictures.  She pulled her gloves off, smiled, brushed her mussed white hair to the side and went inside.

Many of the flowers, all dahlias, of all shades and different shapes had seen their best days but it was still a sight to behold with the mix planted in several straight rows, each about 40 feet long.   This one stood out and was closest to me.  I have done nothing to alter this photo....she's a-naturale.  I could have changed the exposure, made it sharper, or embellished the color and the background....or, I could have used a textured template...this I have yet to do! So that is my goal for next try something I've not tried before with a photo.  I imagine a kind of "vintage seed packet look...I hope!

Please, feedback is are tips, criticism, or comments on any of my posts. I am still a fledgling blogger, trying to find the right combination of creativity, art, and writing that will attract a fair amount of people who share the various interests I do and might return here from time to time. contains a little bit of everything....and I've only just begun.  It's a far cry from what I imagined it to be (about my dream of having a cottage by the sea) with a page that welcomes, but it will evolve.  And it's not for my eyes only...then there would be no point in doing it..  I already keep records, a journal or day book for having some order of  thoughts,  plans, ideas, happenings, and all kinds of notes and lists.   But this isn't meant to be about's an offering to you, from me.

Fun with depression glass color...

Having started out collecting the green depression glass, liking my mother's taste,  it wasn't long before I fell in love with the pink and the yellow.  I am not fond of the blue or dark green.  What I am am really on the lookout for is a combination (watermelon glass) green and pink pitcher to use for iced tea on a summer occasion.  I should have bought the one I saw in Oregon several years ago for $65.  Then there are the watermelon glass goblets and glasses.  I have a full set of the pink with the green stem that you see in the picture below but I'm hoping to find more of the rarer reversed glasses in the same pattern....but with a green bowl and a pink stem/foot. 

Anyway, I thought about the colors in the hand made needlepoint cover of the old stool that my grandmother Eva made many years ago.  I put the above set of glass item on top of it and aimed straight down to get the results you see below:
None of the other attempts at fading or what not turned out better than these two photos.  So, while pretty, one cannot see the flowers from that perspective. 

I love the hand me down items inherited from my mother and grandmothers.  Needless to say, I have simply added to the 
collections from time to I love the spoons and spooners!  That is for another post sometime.

Vintage suitcases & cushion..

The shadows are played up in the first photo....hidden are the dirty marks of the olde suitcases and trunk. There are a million different ways to "touch up" this single photograph.  Next, the natural light of day with only a flash...pretty plain...        

In the first of the bottom two photos, the emphasis is on the play of the light rather than the texture of the tablecloth.  The vintage pincushion at the macro setting and the sepia tone of the second photo causes one to notice more of the detail of the tablcloth.  The shine of the silver is contrasted more against the background but not necessarily brighter.  I don't know which I like better?!

More experimenting to of some things around the house....and another poem...later this week...hope you come back for a look.  

Kathy ~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mary's running shoes...1st Marathon Portland, Ore. 26 miles

We finished the course,
well worn before we started
Discarded at last,
a new pair will carry on

Welcome morning mist,
ribbons of asphalt ahead
Rising with the dawn,
she'll run another marathon

Fleet like Pegasus,
race time cut by one hour
New sneakers propel her
 be they blue, brown or neon,

by klr

           This was easy to assemble...some sepia and inverted colors from  The carpet provided the texture.  Mary provided the subject matter.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Promises of Rain...

by klr

 Seasonal plants sink into
the steamy background
Gold splinters of light bounce off
the estuary

Drops fall from a mercury lined cloud
Fairy like mushrooms push out
 leafy banks of green
Leaves catch in a wee puddle
Dribbles of rain descending
sounding of spring times 
yet to be

Budding beauties get their bath
The haze in my head is passing,
Time to bake a cake and
have another cup of tea

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Toast...

 The Toast

by klr
                                                                  painting by Richard Jack

Whilst they gather by the fire
beneath the glass chandelier
  smoke slips around them
 a gramophone tune rings dear

Wallpaper defines the room
  champagne toasts given 
recalling past holidays
 when stardust fell from heaven

Where once a Parisian
blue scarf waved against her cheek
rests a violet net shawl
and an irised parakeet

On the shelf sits a padlocked gold box
where old tales are kept
   Where once hung a man's corduroy hat
 the black cloak in which she wept

No more anguish from within
she smiles blissfully
and with a slight flair of bravura
  waltzes away audaciously

by John Sargent

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Literature & History Vignette...

     Perhaps my point and shoot camera does not do as much justice to the subjects as would a Canon SLR. And maybe the composition does not follow the 1/3 rule.  But I couldn't resist taking a picture with the idea of an older world:  an old camel ink well, a 1940's heavy elephant bookend - and a few books that many of us may have had to read years ago,  or wanted to read,  and were captivated by.  This Arabian Nights volume does not have the splendid full page color illustrations that a bigger one does, but I loved Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and it pertains to a culture we currently read in the news everyday.  The Last of the Mohican's was a dull read for me and I cannot get James Fenimore Cooper's image out of my mind since I played the card game "Authors"! (and Nathanial Hawthorn)  Great Expectations was a delight as are all of Dickens's stories, I think.  This is an 18 book collection from The Book League of America in New York with no copy write date.  Other books include Lorna Doone, Kim by Kipling, and The Cloister and the Hearth.  I think I will take the last one to bed with me tonight.  And I love my globe mapped bookends.  I wonder if I would get an A for effort with this if I were in a class? 
Thank you for stopping by the Eyrie Road.