Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ghazal sonnet....A Verdian rain...

At dversepoets today we are instructed by Samuel on how to write a Ghazal sonnet, it's history going back to Arabic verse of the 6th century.  It's meter and rhyme is unique.  This is my first attempt at writing one..not as easy as I thought it would be...;)

They sat serenely awhile in the rain    
asking why they never ran though the rain
Sitting on the bench in drab olive mist
their raincoats deflected the sheen of rain

Her aging lean body leaned and warmed him
So little left of him in Verdian rain

Wishing they had captured that day in time
if hearts had turned back and foreseen the rain

Their lips had never touched in all those years
unspoken words hurried with falling rain

Candles left burning on an oak table                                                                                  
A note left there that night for unseen rain

People live stories in between the rain
Then die as by design in pouring rain

She bent to gently kiss his grey temple
His pulsating vein met with cool clean rain

Tendrils of wax spread into french linen
Her regretful tears mixed with saline rain

Parting for the last time he gave flowers
"For my dear Kathleen from olean rain"

As one can see, I took a wee bit of liberty with two descriptive words to rhyme with 'ene' for just the right meaning I wanted to get across.  I can explain ;)  Verdian is a combination of the word 'green' in Spanish and the Italian composer Verdi....and olean is short for oleander, a flowering shrub with a soft scent....therefore rain can be 'Verdian'  (musical) and rain can have an 'olean' scent ...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quantum physics?

Ever since I learned of the Mandelbrodt Set, or fractals,  in the 90's..I have felt differently about the universe we live in.  My reflections turned to this over the weekend, to Deepak Chopra  Buddhism,  and the hyperbolic connectivity that gives new meaning to the ancient meanings of life...

Asking cosmic questions...
contemplating navel..
Free will does exist..
but do we not use it as an excuse?
Theologians and scientific minds say
few answers can be truce
Society distracted 
by ego related activities...
 like aiming for only the moon
 or conquering foreign territories 
Religious dogma
 either drives us or holds us back
with little regard to healing or a mission 
beyond oneself...wouldn't we want it
to always be June?
Some gurus say said culprit for
our limited scope,
 knowledge and vision...
is our not exploring enough the
universal stream of consciousness
...not lack of hope
Sifting through blinders of time
we need to find those things 
of more value to us than our pain of today
Growth means knowing
that we create our own reality
yet anything can happen..
  A man can break a record, a child can fall, 
By connecting the unconnected
we take quantitative leaps over a wall
So is there a mystical
 mathematical equation? hard evidence of Wonder Woman,
Captain Marvel -
 or alien intelligent life..but
 Quantum physics of life reveals
  infinite possibilities
 and change takes hold ...benefiting all
Start with yourself...the divine thine
Always remember are also me... your enemy...
Consciously send
 a universal message of community
Show good intentions...shared responsibility
...continuity of all our experiences
is accelerated...integrated and in that there
is a certain synchronicity
Leaning into new experiences
empowers us
with new emotional muscle
 Embrace truth, beauty, justice...        
and dualism disappears
 When approaching life with love
consciousnesses converts to actual events
and all of God appears
 in this domain

by klr

OK, after reading and editing it it still sounds more like a sermon..Buddhism though  makes sense to me......happy day !! ;-)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teen texting test..

       Brian's prompt at is exploring today's media through poetry..check it out.                                                                  

'Become new friends with..'
'Have you updated your status?'
Phrases from Facebook..
new world phenomena
Gone are long phone calls
between teens..
--..-.- Morse code?.. forgotten...
we've smart phones now
we depend on

Teens text messages..
give High 5's with hearts,
stars and other
icons from their cell phones..
... or iPods.. handwritten
paper love notes?
Fingers move like lightning..
frequent giggles..

"Wha's up....can U hang?"
"Super awesome BFF"
     "..idk U ,,
"Pretty coolio !"
The jargon is new to me..
times have changed..
but being a teen is
hard..the process the same
raising kids never easy

Hippies a thing of the past,
maybe, but I hear .
."chillin' w/my  ppl"
...even "far out" heard..
Instagram for great pics..
but NO obsessive
texting while driving
___or else 'rly'..
you will lose your timeline!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Triolet...Blue skies...

A Triolet is a poetic form consisting of only 8 lines. Within a Triolet, the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat, and the 2nd and 8th lines do as well. The rhyme scheme is simple: ABaAabAB, capital letters representing the repeated lines. This triolet is written in iambic tetrameter.

Blue skies upon my awakening shout
Phosphorescent skies of an evening stir my soul
Variations in between scales of rainbow trout
Blues skies upon my awakening shout
Threatening dark skies bring wicked doubt
Rows of ruffled clouds set life at cruise control
Blue skies upon my awakening do shout
Phosphorescent skies of an evening stir my soul

by klr

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rider in the sky....

Astride a horse without a saddle,
tottering waves fetter deep,
Stallions leap ebbing tides
pulling my chariot
wide still water..
high into midnight blue
Orion lights up spectacularly,
arms open to welcome me..
Dancing bears, a set of twins,
a scorpion and ram, for a few
glide around the globe
in concert with
comet's queues
Sailing the intergalactic
sea.. in a tall wooden ship,
navigating jewel hued
gaseous space..
trail of nuggets of platinum..
where stars are born and succumb,
aligned with a hushed
Milky Way
Touring on escalated
tiers..past bold masterpieces -
palette of unnamed colors
painted by glittered brushes..
the debonair shores
of forevermore
Layered above earth's parade, 
divine zines writ in full flush.
Blotter of ink spots at night,
Spying the origin
of salty brine,
eyeing twining thrushes,

dVerse Poets Pub://

Drop of rain..

A petite mirror sits frailly on a petal's lap
napping on soft white parchment padding
having landed on the daisy from a light rain
again birthed from a passing low cloud
renowned is she for her pleasing oval agility

Happily robust and whole for awhile between
green bladed leaves and ochre pollen
when she's on her journey to becoming 
something more in the grand scheme of things
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Quivering nervously at first yet supple like mercury
she slides downward into the playground of life
rife with risk of evaporation or changing state
trait borne of hydrogen and meander
rivers or run down a human cheek 

  the imaginary garden with real toads        Imaginary garden  withrealtoads is a fun place to share poetry and Sunday's prompt is 'chained rhyme' poems in which 'rhyming the last syllable of one line to the first syllable of the next' is done..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vales La Pena...

  Over at today we are writing in a foreign language; my second language is Spanish and this is something written quite awhile ago.  At one time I was immersed in the Ecuadorian culture for awhile..I hope you enjoy it...poems always sound better to me in Espanol and as you can see use fewer words..

Vales La Pena
En tu lado del
continente hay lagunas inquietas,
esperando de ser
y puentes que solo
existen de donde saltar
me hablas en canto ..
como melodia del colobri
en tu voz de
me hizo sentir de
y me prometiste que
bailemos bajo la lluvia
el olor del viento y
la neblina
entran cada oido
traje de luces y
piernas largas de avestruz
cruzadas y de goma
se levantaban al
senti un naufragio
me despierto
alzando mi brazo para
sellarte dentro de mi
agarro almuadas
donde estas? que has
hecho ?
te necesito, no
tierra ajena
el amo te alcanza y
vales la pena

Sometimes it's better to write in English first then did not translate as well as I thought..this is a better it would sound in Spanish but many words are left out or "lost in translation"....

You Are Worthy

On your side of the continent there are lagoons, restless,
waiting to be crossed ...
and bridges that exist only to jump from ...
I speak in song .. the humming bird's melody ...
in your voice of September ...
I felt grief
and you promised me a dance in the rain.

the smell of the wind and fog
enter each ear ...
(dress) suit of lights and long ostrich-like legs ...
cross and weather a hangover ...
rising all the way to the heart,
I awake ... raising my arm
to seal you inside my chest…(breast)
only to clutch empty pillows.

where are you? what have you done?
I need you, not a distant land
my love reaches out for you
because you are worth it.

Today..200th post...

   Later today I am posting my 200th creative page
 on this blog that I began the
 summer of 2011.  It has grown and evolved, much to my surprise; and from 
what I gather from other bloggers it takes time to build and hone this little world in cyberspace,
 to know just how you want it to look and feel, what it is you want to accomplish and where you want
to take it.  

I can't say I am disappointed.  Where it will lead I cannot say....
it's a little one in the huge world of blogging and there is so much more one can do.  I wanted only to
 share with readers what interests and moves me as a beginning poet, writer, photographer and if
 I have reached anyone and made them smile, or even cry (in a good way) then it has
 been worthwhile.

Until now I do not advertise or adopt other gadgets time I will see...what I feel 
comfortable with in adding to this space.  It's been a great pleasure of mine to meet all the talented
people along the way.  You don't know how happy it has made me to be able to express myself
in this way.   So, so far, so good.....and again, thanks for visiting me here
on the Eyrie Road.

.I am closing with the painting with which I started the, the first
post in July's always been a dream of mine to live in such a cottage and it's
 in the same spirit I create here still...
                          Kathy -

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pale owls...

dVerse Poets Pub   We are invited to write a new form of poem, either a Karousel or a Weave, 
invented by David James as presented by Gay Cannon at  
not too restrictive and with some musical tones.  

    Beneath an audience of blinking stars
    I read letters from Plato up through Frost
    to find truths in treading life's brier patch
    to help me stay on the right path...
    not recognizing this world could be Mars

    For I want to arrive well at my heart's landing
    but like Peter Rabbit my pants a fence did catch...
    stumbling, I fear what will be its aftermath?             
    Detours taken where forks crisscrossed 
    there's still a gap in my full understanding                                            

    I may find answers in these eloquent pages
    maybe I'll read more Oliver and Plath
    No reason to put lipstick on as I'm feeling lost
    like a rusty old shipwreck.. buried to the hatch
    in wet sand.. readying for the ages

    Gold highlights in my hazel eyes slowly dim
    pale owls signal with hoots the impending frost
    But I keep my secret inner room unlatched
    enough to not surrender and meet my own wrath..
    so now I'll sit reading fine poetry... out here on a limb

               by klr

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

River resident...

...boiling a steelhead biting
on the wintry river... near the trellis...
3 miles past the town's midway 
... feet and hands numb..
a man alone stands..
olive green branches reach 
over the leaky shack's roof 
in the frozen rainy gloam...                                                                          
stoking the fire sends embers swirling.. 
but only so far..the blackened coffee pot lukewarm,
it's contents bitter...
an unreeling film of smoke
like a sinuous ballet dancer..
twirls upward....bugs skitter ..
from the bonfire toward the slippery
rocky shore..unlucky... rising water engulfs them..
propping his fishing rod between
dirt packed  boulders,
he puts the lid cover on his bait jar..
removes the drenched slicker..
and....hunching his shoulders..
steps inside..
he sheds layers of weighty wet clothes ..
hangs his belt with his caps .
by the old guitar
he rests his legs on the dumped  worn out 
ottoman...sitting in the found brown 
upholstered chair..
a planked muddy floor catches his boots..
a whiff of urine from somewhere
the last train of the night squeaks 
and rumbles by...
causing his head on the torn pillow
to shake from side to side.. the scale had tipped too far at last....
unheard of in hobo lore..
of a man with a doctorate 
living here in this hell station...
he can quote Shakespeare, 
knows his jazz..plays the pipes...
..once had a decent golf handicap
he knows the wetland nearby by heart...
..animal friends hide there.
an aged man, inclined to intoxication..
..his closest neighbors, 
native Americans, live on the 
other side of the expanding river..
miles around the bend
trousers heavily laden upon his body, 
he feels the big melancholy wave rising...
water slaps loudly against itself..
outside, it begins to snow
dverselogo...he laments he lost sight ..made mistakes..
"..but don't we all?"  .....but the darkest days
are behind him.... he had, just in time, 
 saved his soul..
he had seen the world, had a good and varied life
but it took years of pain to shed true light
on his plight and again take control

..then he smiles
and lights a cigarette in the dark..
...'cave men had it better,'  he mused
'Noah had an ark'
One thing,  though, he surely knows, 
as a single heated tear wells...
that pressed in his favorite book a single dusty red rose..
for him it holds all his memories draw on...
......until life comes to a close                                                                                       

by klr                                                                                                                                                             

I'ts open link night over at and there is a LOT going on if you would like to read more ;)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

From birth to age 5...

From birth until age five, I was in a fog 
lullabies, toys from the cradle were mine 
food, warmth,  love, innocent play
a world so small , a brain so benign                                                                                         
my  grandson  age 4 (2004)
behaving in my unique way                                                                              

Wonder, freedom, magic were givens
laughter and tears - part of living
learning to crawl come easily.. 
I had the luxury then of being                                                                 
cuddled and cared for like royalty                                                                      

I was not aware of my limitations
All was fairly calm                                                                                
and nothing outside my world worried me...                                                      
but with time,
cognitive development and
social skills expanded my world
As my body grew ( as in cell division)
my world grew                             
By age five, new cells had replaced  most                                                                                                                              
of the original set (except most neurons)
making room for more

There's no going back
Exposure to more people upset my rhythm
I was uninhibited before...
there is a mysterious form of protection
built into our core.
Life happens and we react
new rules are born,
Good parenting is required..
for the system changes and reality
depends more on
one's point of view

Cells replenish every few years
each growth spurt has its own benefits..
But it's to that time..
between birth to five
I'd like to retreat to again
Impossible, yes,
but we do try in many ways
.. it's good to know..that there was a time
when we were the teachers,,
and with perfect goodwill...and
by God's good grace.. ...
........we put on quite a show

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arms outstretched gratefully...

Arms outstretched..reaching for stars                        
or readying to take deep bows
Kindness from strangers lets me
basque in sunlight
under their admiring brows
The contented feeling comes when
breezes blow... life
borne of a mystery..
One with the universe..
residing here forevermore;
part of stories, lore
and history
I am the Windmill

But my wish is to dance
through the hills to the sea
drinking old sherry
meeting others like me
Turning gracefully with
winds calm and serene...
.. I can also be wild,
felicitas and merry
I love museums, a bullfight;  I'd defend
my country..
I love a good wind storm to
unleash the emotions I feel... for I want to
be a part of the reverie...
...I wonder..
can anyone see that in me?
We landmarks are never wary..
but Cervantes gave me immortality
,,for his rendering of
a chivalrous man,
his horse, his friend and heroine..
built with stone, mortar and wood
I'm a model for others worldwide
Painted bright white,,
gleaming in the distance
as though in a Van Gogh delight
I mean many things to different minds
I serve as a reminder of dreams gone by
I stand for hope for the future  - ideas,
vision and forsight....for,
all windmills have souls on site

Victoria at  dVerse Poets Pub  invited us to write with imagism, using descriptive visuals to describe a feeling..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sleeping Beauty..revisiting..

 dverselogo's Open Link night

Rarely does one see a photo of a snow covered Sleeping Beauty unless 
copy-written or perhaps one personally snapped shot from near her in the Trout Lake 
valley below Mt. Adams in Washington State. I'm re-posting the poem I wrote in 2011 posted on my blog in it's beginning year.  I've added two photos with Sleeping Beauty in her winter glory as well as a sunset photo and a small general map to give you a more complete picture.  
People I grew up with and who still live near her are fortunate 
to know her and that part of our state that borders Oregon, known for it's lumber industry, fishing, hiking, huckleberries and green, almost storybook, scenic countryside above the Columbia River.

by klr  

  Her reclining silhouette looks up to heaven
draped in a gown of multi-hued greens,
she sleeps eternally above the golden valley
Hills of smoldering spruce form her breasts,
 new growth where her flowing lava hair
once was quarried.
Indian legend says she died of an aching heart
Gods fought for her pure love
yet she lived for no other than her young brave
The story tells how the volcanoes rumbled,
echoes of Romeo and Juliette,
immortal mountains made their true loves grave

Autumn turns her garb to silky rusts and golds,
 while hints of lime and magenta foliage
grow next to ebony bones

In winter she imparts warmth to those who eye her
A snowy princess in sweet repose
shy clouds cling to her feet
Springtime birds fly gladly all around
finding shelter in her terrain,
Rainbows often circle her throat

The sun and stars take turns
shining down upon her,
Her majesty can be seen for miles
Veils of mist breathe a faint sound
One senses a slight stirring motion
as she slumbers and smiles

 This is probably one of the earliest photos of her.  The Sleeping Beauty Trails and hikes take you up to an elevation of 4907 ft., are just part of the Cascade chain that runs from Alaska to Central America and beyond. Of the highest peaks on the map, we can brag about 4 ancient volcanoes, Mt. St. Helens being the most recently active.                                                  


Sunday, January 6, 2013

There is a peace...

Saturday's Poetics' bartender, Mary, invites us to write about Peace Within and Without....

                                                                     flika photo art

There is a peace..
.where there is no fear
of life's fire and ice storms... 
where swallows sail the unseeable
airy matrix,
 gaining momentum..
... when wind and rain 
rock tree branches to a timeless

...there is a peace.. 
..where no hatred or bitter scorn 
dare stalk..
 where we walk sun blotched paths..
 birds tenderly covered  in 
shawls of first light,
 singing from high white pine 
of profound love 
...there is a peace..
where no one suffers pain or loss
..somewhere a place..
where not yet drawn latitudes appear
...reaching far beyond
 the tumbling sea..
 a wide stretched canvas to paint on waves to swim in 

  by klr

Friday, January 4, 2013

Illumination.. word for 2013..PAF...

..from a photo of a vintage lit wreath in my window, I've used texture and 
more texture to illustrate the subject of today's share with Photo Art Friday.  Bonnie asked
 us to choose a word for the New Year that encompasses what our blog or idea 
Photo Art Friday
might be for guidance in the year ahead.  
.....for various reasons I am focusing on light and illumination and truth..
the ink well and quill and the addition of birds tell you I believe writing and reading 
as well as nature's music are lights on our will find other inspired
 digital photoart today at pixeldustphotoartand..

lune portals..

Over at

dVerse Poets today Sam Peralta leads us in embracing the American haiku form, lunes, either the 5-3-5 syllabic variation or the 3-5-3 word lune;  mine is still another variation, a 5-3-5 word form..

January's moon tips gibbous now
draws shorter shadows
brightens cream colored stepping stones

February's lunar storms heat up
with timeless love
melting hearts and warming bodies

March's moonlight lends passionate edge
April's moon pines
exposing cascading flowers in May

Butterflies swarm in June's lunar
light that spreads
wider as summer moves on

July and August moons beckon
highlighting Irish moss
skirt and skip tree branches

Rustles in wind signal September
her moon sets
on wedding nuptials and vows

Harvest moons send ardor
through men's veins
staying close to home and hearth

December's moon is your smile

caressing my cheek
God's thirteen cycle lunar calendar


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...ordinary New Year night...

dVerse Poets is where you will find OpenLinkNight on Tuesdays - we are writing our first poetry/prose of the new year..

..on a night like tonight when
the moon drips it's yellow paint sideways
 into the thin air
and Auld Lang Synge is being
sung 3000 miles away, all the grocery carts are
indoors..late shoppers hurry in and out;
my hunt for the eggnog is futile..
the manager waves hello and points me to the lentils,
... they moved everything recently
all else is located quickly and I let the
others go ahead of me in line...
the checker is bald except for both sides above
his ears...he gets off at midnight..going straight home
to his 7 week old daughter..she sleeps 6 hours straight
 at night already..
help out to the car is much appreciated
..the 18 year old fellow will go back to work in six hours...
in June his unit leaves for Somalia..needed there
to keep the peace..others leaving Afghanistan
will join him

the cat feels I've put her off too long...looks lately
like she's gained, or it's her extra growth of a fur coat

...trying not to trip over her I put eggs in the blender
add frozen yogurt, crushed ice, frozen half banana,
skim milk, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg ...
frothing it all, add the last of the rum .. then I
pour it into the pretty brandy
snifter I rarely use....the movie selection is the same
holiday offerings still but I land on the Merle Oberon
 "Til We Meet Again"....
and hope I don't end up in tears; I'm really not in
that kind of mood this New Year's Eve...I  recall for awhile
previous such eves without companionship;  also,
 particularly, a neighborhood sledding party in a
heavy snow flurry in the 70's,  bonfire at the
bottom of the hill...other years there were long
midnight kisses, dancing and then out to breakfast till
the wee hours,
and... many when the kids tried to stay up for the countdown
but just couldn't make it and fell asleep
on the sofa in front of the tv or on my lap..

fireworks went off next door, the loudest making me
 jump an inch...
as I write this I am falling asleep at the computer...
it's a new year..I plan to see Les Mis' today and hope
 I am not disappointed
in my mind, the 2010 British anniversary stage production
and cast cannot be surpassed....volume to the max..
 the sun is supposed to come out so a nice
crisp day to go for a walk..
now to stop rambling...;)
...the black and white screen is flickering and they
are having cocktails on a ship deck......
.dormir bien...zzzzz