Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Belong to the Tides

For today’s prompt, we are asked to write a poem that includes our birthstone.

I Belong to the Tides

I belong to the tides,
I am the sea,
I am crystal clear Aquamarine,
my transparency,
symbol of my fidelity

I awake on distant shores,
carry birdsong to places unforseen,
I offer tranquility
and spiritual healing

Minding the hourglass
for mariners who keen,
I promise a safe
journey home
I am known for setting the tone
for lovers re-uniting

Companion to the
ubiquitous Bloodstone,
steady and serene...
believed it bled for their strength
and well-being.

Together we fight
the good fight, float
with the moon
and starlight

I am Aquamarine...
Forever seventeen,
I am blue tinged with green

Sugar and Spice


Ar dversepoets.com today, the Monday Quadrille #41..in 44 words, use the word spice or a derivative of  it.

      Sugar & Spice

DNA gave her cheeks of
peaches and vanilla ice cream,                      
hazelnut eyes, saffron hair,
a temperament of
earthy, solemn juniper,
easy as soft rosewater...
allspice true
 ...she is not the person she
was before, easy
to take for granted,
not hard to read,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Unnswered questions..

The prompt for today is posing "questions" without giving answers. This has been revised as at first I gave answers.

Who gathers of an evening taking in the new moon and Mars?

What is it about words and pictures?

When will I be loved again?.

Where does the scent of drying flowers come from?

Why, won't you please come in?

How many solitary meals sitting in the chair by the wood stove remain?

Mostly, I wonder, why isn't everything  fair under Heaven?

Monday, September 18, 2017

All there is...

We are writing haibuns today at dversepoets.com about the "Why" behind our writing, what our style of writing is.

All there is..

Born under the Aries constellation, writing for me fulfills a need to express emotions.  Words rooted in passion, pain, sadness and joy are seeds from which grow stems of my  stories,  blossoming into scenarios of love under a pale moon, or blades of grass pushing up excruciating growth, or a meadow of amazing realization. My flowers reveal how we love, cry, ache, or dream,  how it feels to live the days of our lives.  In my garden grow verses descrbing experiences we share as humans, unleashing basic instincts as we react to the world around us, encompassing all there is.

Planted deep within,
a plethora of feelings -
compost of our souls

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Free verse - flip flop weather

Words 'rain, reign, rein' in a prose poem.

    Free verse - flip - flop weather

Flip flops made it difficult
to run across the street to
buy ice cream
The heat was stifling,
my face and arms burned
a hot rosey red...
eighty days without rain...
Then, thunder rolled in,
clouds unreined
a welcome downpour.
My face lifted to the sky,
I wallowed in the cooling shower, raised my arms high,
finished the last of the waffle cookie cone.
In another part of the world, hurricanes.
Reigning angels hearing prayers rushed in, sent ships with water, food, and supplies.
Millions of less fortunate
after the storms, suffering,
wishing, waiting for torrents
of compassion to keep
flooding in.